Have you enjoyed watching Tennis and ever thought to yourself how you can get involved in betting on these matches online? Tennis tournaments are one of the hottest new sports taking over the online betting markets so we have created this guide to help you go from a beginner to an expert when it comes to betting on ATP and WTA tennis tournaments. 

This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to learning everything you need to know about betting on professional Tennis at your favorite online sportsbook! We will answer all of your questions and help you get started at your favorite online sportsbook today!


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Tennis Betting Online GuidesLike golf, Tennis is a sport that people of all ages and athletic abilities enjoy. Whether you play in competitive matchups or enjoy hitting the ball back and forth to get some exercise, Tennis is a universal game that is played around the world. From recreational league to the Summer Olympics, Tennis is an excellent way to get exercise and fresh air while working on your coordination and conditioning.

Like many of the sports we play today, the first iteration of Tennis was played many centuries ago. Specifically, in 12th Century France, where a game called Jeu de Paume or game of palm was played and thoroughly enjoyed by King Louis X, many believe that this was the first version of hitting a ball back and forth the most part this game was played indoors. Fast forward to the 16th Century, and the very first rackets were introduced. This would eventually become the game we know and love today, and the word Tennis, comes from the French word ‘tenez’, which means to hold. It was not until the 19th Century in England when the game was played outdoors on the grass on a mowed lawn.

As with most Olympic level sports, Tennis is enjoyed on nearly every continent around the world. All you need to do is take a look at the WTA and ATP player lists to see how much international competition. Tennis is massively popular in Europe and Asia, so you can imagine how popular it is in the betting markets. In North America, it is just starting to become mainstream but still trails the traditional betting markets like the NFL and NBA. Still, Tennis has a very loyal following, and bettors have quickly realized how profitable it can be.

Interesting Facts About Tennis:

1) The first Wimbledon tournament was held in 1877 and is considered the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

2) Tennis balls were originally white, but in 1986, yellow balls were used at Wimbledon and have stuck around ever since.

3) Officially, five playing surfaces are played on in tennis tournaments: Clay, Hard, Glass, Carpet, and Wood.

4) Boris Becker, at the tender age of 17, was the youngest player ever to win Wimbledon.

Tips on How to Start Betting on Tennis

Are you ready to start betting on tennis tournaments at your preferred online sportsbook? Before you take the plunge into betting on tennis players, take some time to learn all about betting on Tennis online.

While we cannot provide actual betting advice in this guide, we have accumulated some of our favorite tips to help you get your online tennis betting career off to a fun and hopefully profitable start!


Tip#1: Set your limits and play within them – This is always one of the most challenging things for new sports bettors and is one of the biggest reasons that new players often burn through their bankrolls. Set a limit on how much you can afford to lose in a given day, week, or month and stick to that rule as you are starting.

Incorporate systems like proportional betting to help sustain your bankroll and avoid bets with low odds but higher payouts like parlay bets. Stick to single match bets while using proportional betting, wager a specific percentage of your bankroll each time.


Tip#2: Learn What the Odds Mean: A full tennis tournament board can be daunting to look at. Do ample research into past tournaments, and you will get more of an understanding of how the odds are set.

Learn how players have played on these courts in the past and how well they match up. Remember, the odds are merely a guideline set by the bookmakers to get the most amount of action on both sides of the game, not necessarily indicate how good each team is compared to each other.


Tip#3: Learn the game of Tennis – You will always be a more successful bettor the more you know about the sport you are betting. Take some time before you get started to learn how the game works and what kind of advantages you can develop when betting on Tennis.


Tip#4: Learn which bets you succeed at: This seems straightforward, but learning which types of bets you are more successful can go a long way for your tennis betting career. If you are good at betting outright winners, then bet on outright winners. If you are wrong with one on one matchups, then don’t bet on matchups!

Again, watching the tournaments can give you a massive advantage in understanding how sportsbooks make odds and lines. Of course, not everyone has time to watch several days’ worth of tennis matches. Still, even if you follow along on your mobile phone or the internet, it can help you understand how individual tennis players perform on a given day.


Payment Methods Used in Tennis Betting

A majority of online sportsbooks will accept the usual forms of digital payments. Credit cards, direct bank transfers, and PayPal are almost universally accepted now across any e-Commerce platform you use, and we’ll go into a bit more detail about them below.

Other new options have been gaining popularity, such as eWallets and Cryptocurrencies, but they are far from being the standard and are less common than the big three options below:


Credit Cards: The most common way that players can deposit right into their online sportsbook accounts. Most of the significant companies are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Remember that some credit card companies do not allow the cardholder to make purchases on sports betting or gambling sites, so be aware of any restrictions before using that card.

Direct Bank Transfer: A bank transfer is a direct debit from your bank account and is just as fast as paying by credit card and generally has a higher success rate for transactions than credit cards as well. You may need to enter your bank account details, so have that information ready before trying to deposit.

PayPal: PayPal is the premier site for transferring money online, but you need to sign up for an account and link it to a bank account before using it at any online sportsbook. It is safe, trustworthy, and easy to use and has become increasingly used at online websites as payment. PayPal is great if you need to use different currencies as well.

Player Support when Betting on Tennis

If you are just getting started with your online sportsbook and have some questions or concerns, you are not alone!


Nearly every online sportsbook provides its customers with 24-hour around the clock customer service. Because online sportsbooks and online casinos are open 24 hours a day and seven days per week, there is always some form of customer service available via email, telephone, or an instant chat function.

These customer service representatives can assist you with anything from deposit or withdrawal issues to questions about specific tennis-related bets.


The game of Tennis itself is quite simple and straightforward, but some of the rules and the scoring system are a little more difficult to grasp. To start with, Tennis is usually played one on one or two-on-two in doubles matches, with each player or team occupying one side of the net. One player serves it to the other, and then a rally ensues until one player cannot continue the rally anymore. Simple enough? The scoring system is where Tennis gets complicated.

Tennis is divided into sets where players have to win five games to win a set and three to five sets to win a match. The scoring system goes 0 points or love, 15, 30, 40, all, 40-40 or deuce, Ad-in, or Ad-out. It is not straightforward, but once you watch a few tennis matches, you will get the hang of it.

Tennis is a sport that is enjoyed by both men and women of all ages and is generally played outdoors on a court. There are, of course, indoor tennis courts and other variations on Tennis such as badminton, table tennis, and pickleball. The sport is enjoyed in nearly every country globally, but specifically in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Tennis Betting Explained

Tennis is a nice hybrid of a Moneyline sport and a tournament sport, which means you can do some betting before the tournament starts by selecting some outright winners and play each matchup individually on the Moneyline. Let’s go over a few of the more basic types of bets and then a few more that are a little bit more fun and unique:


Exactly what it sounds like: who do you think will win the tournament outright? You can often get excellent odds on the lesser-known names, so knowing as many tennis players is a great way to place bets with high paying odds. Taking outright winners is an excellent way to hedge your bets as well, as you can place multiple hedges throughout the tournaments to lock in a profit on the final day. Keep in mind, though, those upsets do not happen as often in Tennis, and the biggest names in the game win a lot of the tournaments.


Again, very straightforward, but these are based on individual tennis players’ performance in a given one on one matchup. This is the tennis equivalent of a Moneyline bet as you are just betting on who you think the winner of each tennis match will be.


This is a bet on how many sets you think this match will go. If it is a lopsided matchup, you may want to bet the under, but if you think it can be competitive, you may want to be the over on the number of sets.


This is a fun but challenging bet on what you think the same score in a particular set or match will be between two players.


There are a few different types of betting odds that players can use, and it is entirely up to personal preference and has no effect on the bets or the outcome of the bets.

  • Decimal odds: These are easy to understand and make complete mathematical sense as they are directly proportionate to the amount you wager. If you bet $100 at 1.50 odds, you will win $150.
  • American odds: These are slightly less clear to read, but once you learn how the numbers work, it makes sense. You will notice American odds use (-) or (+) symbols before their numbers, with the (-) indicating a favorite and the (+) the underdog in the matchup.
  • Fractional odds: Again, similar to decimal odds mathematically but using fractions instead of decimals.

These can all be used depending on the bettor’s preference. Keep in mind that they are not interchangeable as 2.00 in Decimal odds does not equal +200 in American odds and vice versa.

Tennis Leagues You Can Bet On

The top men’s league is known as the ATP, and the top women’s league is known as the WTA. These are sanctioned by the ITF or the International Tennis Federation, which creates, establishes, and enforces the game’s rules. Both of these associations are considered the top of the sport and are the tournaments the players compete for, including all of the grand slams.

Tennis is also represented in the Summer Olympics, so all of the world’s best players are eligible to represent their countries for gold, silver, and bronze medals.


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It can be if you put research in and learn the rules of the game and each tennis player’s tendencies and how they play on specific courts. As with anything, the more you know, the more success you can have.

Again, this is going to be based on your style of betting. Do Moneyline bets make sense to you? Or do you prefer looking at the outright winner board instead? Whatever your style is, stick to wagers that make sense to you.

Yes, Tennis is available at most reputable online sportsbooks.

Yes, if online sports betting in your country is legal, then Tennis should also be permitted to bet. Always check with your local online sports betting laws to make sure you know the regulations.

Yes, as long as the online sportsbook you use has a mobile app or a mobile-friendly site, you can use your mobile phone to bet on Tennis or any other sport available at your online sportsbook.

Again, this depends on where you are physically betting. Your online sportsbook will determine your location by GPS signal on your mobile phone or your IP Address on your computer internet connection.