Over the past decade, Esports has gained an unprecedented amount of popularity across the globe. Advertisers and investors are taking note, and are breaking into the industry in order to support its growth. With a sensational viewership, Esports has become a great contender in the competitive entertainment.

In this guide, the KBG team will help you know the ins and outs of Esports online betting and guide you through the rules and regulations around Esports online betting in the USA.


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There has never been a better time to get into Esports and Esports betting. Betting has forever been an important subculture of traditional sports. The same goes for video games and Esports. In many aspects, traditional betting and Esports betting are pretty similar. This guide will try to cover everything about betting that even a complete novice can understand.

Picking a Bookmaker

First, you’ll need to sign up at a bookmaker/sportsbook website. There are plenty of online bookmaker websites that facilitate online betting on Esports. A bookmaker is someone whose job is to take bets, calculate odds, and payout winnings.

These websites encapsulate all the betting information including Esports events, tournaments, teams, and odds for you to look at. They calculate the odds and handle win payouts. It is vital to pick a trusted Bookmaker.

Esports bookmakers will typically offer first-time bonus offers or promotions for new accounts, and Esports users can easily take advantage. They vary from outlet to outlet. Some might offer a matched deposit up to $500 so Esports bettors can essentially double their money right out of the gate.

To get you started with peace of mind is to check out the USA Sportsbooks we’ve reviewed and recommend on this page. Since we update the list regularly, make sure you check-in on the newest ones.

Signing Up on Your Bookmaker of Choice

Due to the nature of betting, these bookmaker websites will ask you for some kind of ID verification when you sign up. The most common forms of accepted identifications are:

  1. Copy of valid photographic identification document such as a Passport or Driver’s License.
  2. Copy of a recent utility bill for confirming residence, such as electricity, telephone bill, etc.(Shouldn’t be too old)
  3. Copy of a recent Credit, Debit, Bank account statement. (Must be recent)

You will need to upload images of the relevant sections of your ID that verify your details. The website will check and confirm or deny your documents within 24 hours or a few days.

Depositing – Source of Funds Request

Bookmaker websites might also ask for a Source of Funds request, i.e. declaring where your funds originate from. Be it salary, profits, inheritance, or any other legal originating source, be sure you have the documents to back your legitimacy.   This is a deterrence put forth by the bookmakers to prevent money-laundering and criminal efforts through betting, and as a form of customer safety.

You will need to provide a source of funds for the amount you will use to bet, to clarify that it is your own. There are several ways you can do this:

  1. Proof of earnings: Payslip/Director remuneration/Dividends/Pension;
  2. A bank statement/savings account that clearly shows consistent incoming values from an identifiable source.
  3. A Trust deed clearly showing a consistent entitlement to funds;
  4. Dated proof of an award/payment made to you.

Please be sure that the Bookmakers recommended to you will not share your personal and private data.


Firstly, let’s get into some basic introduction to general betting itself before we move into more hardcore stuff.Esports betting works fairly similar to traditional betting. You can bet on the outcome of a match, overall tournament winner, and so on.

Betting lines: Betting lines are made by bookmakers. It is the odds used to determine the parameters for wagering on either a favorite or an underdog. Rather than picking an outright winner, these odds or betting lines allow betting on the margin of victory. With the favorite needing to win by a certain no. of points, and the underdog needing to stay within a certain range of points.

Some of the most common betting lines are as follows:

  • Standard or Money-line bets: These are the simplest kind of bets where bettors bet on the outcome of a match. For example: who would win between two opposing players in a match. Predicting the winner awards you with payout. The most popular kind of bet.
  • Outright bets– In this type of bet, bettors have to predict the outcome of the tournament. For example: which teams would make it to the finals, who will win the tournament, and other similar bets. The bets are placed on teams, regions, or players.
  • Special bets– Special bets are based on predicting specific events to occur in the game. For example, a team destroying the other team’s tower in the first 10 minutes in a MOBA. You can place a bet on whether you think that’d happen or not. You can bet on goal differences, which player will have the highest score at the end, and so on. Special bets are usually harder to predict.
  • In-play bets– These bets are basically all about betting live while a match is happening. These bets are very much like special bets, that is, being tied to events inside the game. But the prediction window is smaller as you place your bets during the match time. These are pretty tough to predict and complicated for new bettors.

We’ll look into this topic more deeply when we’ll talk about wagering analysis as different types of games would require different things to take account of while betting.

Before You Start Esports Betting

Firstly, ask yourself…

  1. Do I love Esports and betting?
  2. Can I afford to spend X amount of money on Esports betting?
  3. Can I afford to lose the money so that it doesn’t affect my other finances and livelihood?

If the answer to any of those is NO, then stop and think before you go further.

If you are satisfied with your answer, let’s begin.

How Much to Start Betting With?

Most betting guides would recommend beginners to start small and only bet an amount they can afford to lose. The amount can vary for different people. For some it can be as little as $5 or $80 for others.

The first rule of betting is to not be greedy. Betting is not a get rich quick scheme. Distribute your losses out. Don’t bet all in one go. It’s better to bet on several different betting lines so that you don’t lose all your money on one bad bet.

  • Pick a game:

Before you start betting on any games, you should have atleast some knowledge of the games that you’re going to bet on. Betting is not a get rich quick scheme. An impulsive decision or lack of analysis and understanding can be an easy way to lose all your money.

Some Esports are just more popular than others. You can be as familiar as you want with a certain Esport, but if there’s not enough money in it, you won’t find a lot of opportunities to make money or would have to live with very little returns.Esports that generate large viewerships will likely give the biggest returns.

Popular esports games to bet on:

  • Apex Legends
  • Call of duty
  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • Fortnite
  • League of legends
  • Hearthstone
  • Overwatch
  • Pubg
  • Smite
  • Starcraft
  • Street Fighter
  • Rocket League
  • Battlefield
  • Fifa
  • Pick a Bookmaker:

As we discussed earlier, bookmakers allow you to find Esports events, bet on them based on their given odds and award payouts. Pick a bookmaker website of your choice that has all the features you need. For example not all bookmakers will provide great support for issues and assistance,or your preferred payment options.

Top trusted Bookmaker websites:


BetOnline is best suited for North American bettors and accepts customers from all 50 states.  It has an easy-to-navigate betting interface with a dedicated esports section so users can easily find the latest leagues and tournaments they wish to place a bet on. BetOnline often post up early markets for every match with low mark-up on the odds, and offer additional value in their easy to claim bonuses and promotions, both ongoing and one-off.


Bovada is a reputed online sportsbook that provides sports and well as Esports betting options. Great reputation due to its Bodog roots, with heaps of Bitcoin and USD bonuses you can put towards your esports wagering on CS:GO, Dota, Overwatch and more. Safe and recommended for North American customers.

Sportsbetting.ag: Is one of the few respected sports betting sites that accepts punters from North America. Can be hit and miss with the quality of the markets available, but one to keep in your back pocket if you are from a place with restrictions surrounding online betting.

Pinnacle: One of the most renowned esports betting sites on the Web, with a ton of helpful esports betting guides and FAQs in addition to the most comprehensive list of betting markets for competitive gaming, covering all major and minor tournaments across popular and niche esports titles.

The esports betting sites we recommend for US pro gaming fans are based and licensed overseas due to strict online gambling laws which vary state-by-state and restrict what local online esports sportsbooks can offer.

Understand how Odds work:

Odds are of 3 distinct types. Decimal, Fractional or Implied Probability. You’ll most often come across Decimal Odds, however.

Decimal Odds

E.g. 3.44

Decimal odds give you the easiest conversion from stake to return.eg.

Bet $10 with odds at 3.44

RESULT: $10 x 3.44 = $34.4 (Your $10 stake included)

Fractional Odds

E.g. 2/1

This is mostly for horse racing so you shouldn’t see this on Esports betting.

Implied Probability

E.g. 55%

This is a more readable way to denote odds, however this can be highly inaccurate and is mostly just used as a reference to calculate risk.

It works as follows:

Decimal odds = 100 / Probability odds

E.g. 100/40 = 2.5

RESULT: A $10 stake would return $25 ($15 profit)

Learn the Tricks to Earn Wagers

Game analysis tips:

Rather than just blindly looking at the odds, it’s also beneficial to do self research and look at all the available parameters and stats. Making a full analysis of the sport and subject is important to pick your strategy. There could be external factors that the bookmaker odds wouldn’t have accounted for.

  1. Look at past match results between the teams

See if any players or teams had better performances against certain teams that caused them to win. Look out for roster changes which can impact performance and affect historical data based predictions.

  1. Check the maps

In some games like CS:GO, Call of Duty, teams will likely play on different maps in different matches. Some teams will have strengths, and weaknesses depending on the map and might affect the outcome. In hero shooters like Valorant, Overwatch, maps can make certain hero picks more effective than others on a given map.

  1. Event Format

Depending on the format of the matches, the likelihood of certain outcomes can change. For example: a Best of 1 has higher chances of an upset or unexpected result. A draw is very likely in a Best of 2. A Best of 5 should favour the most consistent team than an unexpected result.

  1. Player Lineup

Check whether the teams perform better or worse with certain lineups. A worse player as a stand in can affect the team’s chances of victory.

  1. Have the teams travelled a lot?

In cases where teams have to travel for long periods of time across regions to attend events, there is a very good chance their performance will suffer due to tiredness and jet lag. Teams who have travelled less or not at all will fare much better mentally and physically in the game.

  1. Past match performances

Obvious one. But very important. Stay up to date with all recent historical statistics about then hit a visible decline due to burnout or any other reasons.

teams and their performances. Some teams are on their peak for several months but

  1. Observe Community betting

Look at the highest-ranked betters and what their opinion is. Talk to veteran betters and others in the betting community. There is always some insight to be had and something to learn.

  1. Don’t believe people’s information blindly and make your own decisions

Some individuals might just want to throw off others’ predictions by giving out false information, to sway the odds and gain higher profit for themselves. Hence it’s better to not take everything at face value and make your own end decision through research.

Your betting strategy will differ based on the genre of the game as each has something different to offer. Each game has different rules and options to bet on. It is possible to bet on a number of different ‘options’ such as no. of kills in a game, match MVP, top scorer, match or round duration, objective completion and so on. All these parameters will vary depending on the game you choose. For example Dota 2 can have options to bet on farmed gold or last hits, but CSGO wouldn’t have the same exact options.

Things to Avoid in Esports Betting

Don’t be greedy: Only bet an amount that you can afford to lose. Putting all your money in one basket is a recipe for disaster. You want longevity in this game and risky maneuvers like this will only serve to increase your losses.

Avoid betting on Best of one games: Avoid betting on favorites in Bo1s as upsets are quite common and it’s unpredictable in general. Even if the favourites are a very good and trusted team.

Stay away from unknown or lesser known teams. If you don’t know the team, it’s players and performance, it is not worth blindly trusting a newbie team.

Look out for recent roster changes in teams. With the growing industry that is Esports, roster changes are quite common with new young talent coming up every day. If a team has a player replaced in CSGO or LoL, new players are brought in to the team in his place. New players and the team take time to adjust to each other’s gameplay and methods. Which can drastically change the team’s whole dynamic. A lot of times new players don’t mesh well with the old guys and their performance takes a sever hit.

Payment Options when Betting on Esports

After you have selected your preferred bookmaker and created an account with them, login and go to the cashier section. Here, choose from a list of secure payment methods available. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information. After completing the transaction, the amount should be credited to your account right away. You can now put up wagers towards your favourite Esports tournament matches.

  • Some common payment options include:
    • Credit and Debit cards: remain the most popularly accepted means of payment across bookmaker websites. MasterCard and VISA being the most common.
    • Web Wallets: These are basically e-Wallets that allow you to transfer funds to a virtual wallet for placing bets instead of linking your credit or debit card directly. This helps you avoid giving any sensitive financial information to the bookmaker. Skrill and Neteller are some of the most widely used e-Wallets.
    • Pre-Paid cards: Prepaid cards are like e-vouchers. They can be purchased directly from real-life retail shops instead of online. It is favored by people who don’t have access to a bank or means of online payment. Or maybe just simply want to be anonymous. You will be given a unique PIN number that you will need to enter into your chosen bookmaker website. A drawback to this method is that you can only deposit money into your account through this method but you will need to have another payment method to withdraw your winnings since you can’t withdraw in vouchers. Paysafecard and Flexipin are some common vouchers that work. Aside from Mastercard and VISA gift cards in some regions.
    • PayPal: PayPal remains one of the world’s most reliable online payment service. It helps you avoid giving your personal financial information to the bookmaker and provides an extra layer of security in transactions. Note: Some countries could have laws against online gambling that stop PayPal from being used in that country for that purpose.
    • Crypto Currency: Cryptocurrencies can also be used to bet on bookmaker websites. These are usually not available globally due to country-specific crypto laws but are usually used to cater to smaller regions and markets. For example, AstroPay caters to Brazil and the USA. GiroPay caters to Germany and Austria etc.

    Direct Bank Transfers: Bookmaking websites commonly allow you to directly transfer the amount from your bank account to theirs. The betting site will provide you with it’s bank details.

Player Support: USA Esports Betting

Having a proper customer support service can make or break new players. Bettors want long-term stability and someone who can help resolve any issues they might stumble upon. Most major bookkeeping websites will have support staff to help you out.

You can contact support staff any time for help from the website, using their features like talking to their on-site live-chat assistant if they have one. Or by mail or calling their hotline.

The Future of Esports Betting in the USA

The future of Esports as a whole looks brighter than ever. Games are becoming increasingly popular, and the market is full of titles with an ever-growing number of players. Prize pools continue to rise at an astronomical rate, and so does the revenue for the industry. More investors are getting drawn into the world of esports as well, and that will only increase in the future.

If you are new to Esports and betting on esports, now is the perfect opportunity to get on board as fast as possible.

With Esports growing to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the US, generating massive revenue, it has really started to catch the eyes of states, lawmakers and bookmakers. Especially after the sports industry getting hit by COVID-19 in early 2020, there is an increased interest in making Esports betting mainstream. While almost all traditional Esports have been shut down or postponed, Esports has actually seen a rise in viewership during this period. Esports fans haven’t missed much of the Esports excitement, as most major tournaments have been shifted to online tournaments instead of LAN. While regular sports betting has ceased, revenue for several states and bookmakers has dried up. This can shine a new light on the advantages of allowing Esports betting. A few states have legalized Esports betting in some form in 2020 alone.

However, Esports betting is still a bit of a grey area in legal sports betting as of right now. While a number of states have legalized sports betting, most have not specified a stance on Esports and where it fits into the betting landscape.

With esports being such a fast-growing market, we are sure that states will clarify this in the near future. What it all boils down to is whether lawmakers decide to treat Esports the same way as traditional sports or as a separate entity.


State-by-State Analysis

With the competitive gaming bubble growing every year at a tremendous level, there is no surprise there is a lot of money flowing inside this industry. Esports has become a multi-billion dollar industry and only continues to outdo itself every year. Advertisers and investors spend hundreds of millions on Esports teams, players, and organizations. There couldn’t be a better way to reach your target audience. With millions of viewer audiences live streaming events, Esports has become a huge moneymaker and has spawned countless opportunities in trying to grab a share of that pie. One being Online Esports betting.

Although, if you’re a US citizen, there could be a matter of legality around Esports betting. It is kind of understandable, due to Esports itself being fairly new, much less betting on it. Most lawmakers wouldn’t even know enough about something like this or wrap their heads around it. In fact, it could be possible that sports wagering is legal in your state, but Esports wagering might not be.

The US Government has not taken a definitive stance on the subject of Esports betting. However, they repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in MAY, 2018. This Supreme Court decision dissolved a federal ban on sports betting. States can now decide whether or not they want to legalize the activity. And this was just for regular betting and said nothing about Esports betting. Meaning the states would individually have to raise that issue if they want to legalize Esports betting too.

The distinction between traditional betting and Esports betting:

Now, you’d wonder why lawmakers and governments would make such a distinction between both kinds of betting when it’s pretty much the same thing.

Here are some insights as to why:

  1. Most states were, or are heavily against betting on sports based on performance by minors.
  2. Aside from that, Esports has had issues with match-fixing and corruption, on top of being a new and loosely regulated industry.

What States Can Legally Take Bets on Esports?

Esports betting is legal in the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • Nevada
  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • Tennessee

U.S. States that Offer Legal Casino Gambling

NEW JERSEY (NJ) | Esports Betting

New Jersey (NJ) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • New Jersey(NJ) Esports Betting legal since:  2019
  • NJ Online Esports Betting available: Yes

New Jersey is one of the major states that has worked to bring Esports betting to the forefront. After PASPA was repealed, sports betting was officially legal in the state. However, Esports betting was left out of the equation. New Jersey lawmakers raised the issue and eventually made Esports betting legal in the state.

However, currently, there are some stipulations to consider:

Bookmakers can only offer to bet on tournaments where the age of all active participants is 18 or above. Esports is abundant with young talent, which meant many Esports matches would be excluded due to minors taking part in it.

The betting lines for Esports is still pretty limited in New Jersey as compared to traditional sporting events. Also, to offer betting lines, bookmakers must notify the regulator first i.e.  DGE(Division of Gaming Enforcement).

New Jersey allowed it’s first Esports betting in 2019 for the League of Legends World Championship. The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City took the state’s first bet on the League of Legends championship.

New Jersey lawmakers are eyeing to expand NJ as one of the hubs of competitive Esports and Esports betting. They look at Esports betting as a great source of revenue.

Major gambling companies and casinos like Caesars and MGM Resorts have invested in Esports tournaments and facilities recently.

Read Full NJ Esports Betting Guide

PENNSYLVANIA (PA) | Esports Betting

Pennsylvania (PA) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Pennsylvania (PA) Esports Betting legal since:  2018
  • PA Online Esports Betting available: Yes

After the abolition of PASPA in 2018, Pennsylvania as a state has legalized sports betting but does not allow Esports wagering.

This is mainly due to the state’s definition of “sports wagering” not being inclusive of Esports wagering, which doesn’t permit betting on them.

Doug Harbach, the chief spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB), shared his thoughts on the matter:

Quote: “Esports is not specifically authorized in Pennsylvania under the Gaming Expansion Act,” said Harbach. “Sports wagering in PA is defined as ‘wagering on the outcome of an athletic event or the statistical performance of an athlete within an event (i.e., a game or a match).’”

“That is a law that our board must follow and appears to be different from the law NJ regulators must follow. My understanding is that a state like New Jersey’s mandate is broader on what types of events can be wagered upon with esports even expressly allowed in its law (which apparently also allowed wagering on non-sporting events such as the Oscars).

“The language in the PA Gaming Expansion Act is, as mentioned above, and does not include any provisions on the location of where an athletic event occurs.”

Thomas, the Pennsylvania Esports Coalition director who formerly worked as a staffer in the Pennsylvania Legislature, remains optimistic esports will move toward approval. He did not give a timeline, however.

Quote: “What I can say is that once the gaming control board in PA is comfortable with offering esports wagering within the state’s legal sports betting environment, I am sure they will move forward. Casinos also need to incorporate esports wagering into their sports betting offerings, which has been slow to progress across the country.”

There is still plenty that would need to happen before esports betting could come to Pennsylvania. According to Thomas:

“The most important thing is to ensure credibility, and to ensure the regulators are comfortable with how esports wagering would be conducted in PA.”

While those in Pennsylvania may not be able to wager on esports any time soon if ever, one thing is for certain: Esports are here to stay. And, most likely, you’ll be able to bet on them at some regulated US sportsbooks in the near future.

Quote: “What I can say is that once the gaming control board in PA is comfortable with offering esports wagering within the state’s legal sports betting environment, I am sure they will move forward. Casinos also need to incorporate esports wagering into their sports betting offerings, which has been slow to progress across the country.”

There is still plenty that would need to happen before esports betting could come to Pennsylvania. According to Thomas:

“The most important thing is to ensure credibility, and to ensure the regulators are comfortable with how esports wagering would be conducted in PA.”

While those in Pennsylvania may not be able to wager on esports any time soon if ever, one thing is for certain: Esports are here to stay. And, most likely, you’ll be able to bet on them at some regulated US sportsbooks in the near future.

NEVADA (NV) | Esports Betting

Nevada (NV) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Nevada (NV) Esports Betting legal since: 2020
  • NV Online Esports Betting available: Yes

With the COVID-19 threat shutting down or postponing all traditional sports in 2020, betting operators are devastated by lack of revenue from sports wagering. This prompted Nevada to finally look into and allow Esports wagering. Esports is one of the big industries that have thrived under the lockdown period.

Although limited, since march 2020 Nevada has allowed Esports betting on various Esports tournaments and games like League of Legends(LEC, LCS), Overwatch, Counter Strike:Global Offensive.

However, there are some stipulations for betting on Esports in Nevada.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board laid out some specific rules for booking the bets:

  • All sportsbooks are allowed to take action on the league’s games, but they must notify the regulator first.
  • The only approved wagers are head-to-head, winner of each match and overall season winner.
  • There is no in-play betting allowed i.e. no betting on the live match or while the match has begun. All wagers must be taken before the match.
  • Additional wagers could be allowed but will require a separate application and approval from the regulators.

WASHINGTON (WA) | Esports Betting

Washington (WA) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Washington (WA) Esports Betting legal since: 2020
  • WA Online Esports Betting available: Yes

Washington is the most recent state to legalize betting on esports. The law issued in March 2020 explicitly authorizes betting on “An electronic sports or esports competition or event”.

The Washington House of Representatives passed the legislation that could legalize Esports betting at any of the 29 tribal casinos that are already operating in the state. The legislation will permit both in-person and mobile esports betting, although individuals will have to be physically located on the casino’s premises to bet via their mobile devices.

While this bill is the first step to statewide legalization, its scope limits bets to already-existing tribal casinos. Moreover, the Washington State Gambling Commission must award casinos individual licenses before betting can move forward.

WEST VIRGINIA (WV) | Esports Betting

West Virginia (WV) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • West Virginia (WV) Esports Betting legal since: 2018
  • WV Online Esports Betting available: Yes

Sports betting has been legal in West Virginia since 2018, but several members of the West Virginia State Senate are working to legalize betting in other areas, including esports, politics, and even entertainment events. The bill will have a dual approach: expand access to betting and reduce the number of black-market bets.

Washington senate members have come together to sponsor bill ‘WV SB-788’ that would legalize a broad spectrum of events to be gambled on in West Virginia.

Political events, entertainment events, esports, and other non-specific happenings would be open to bet on under this bill.

Bill WV SB-788 would be an expansion of legal gambling in the state of West Virginia. It calls for two amendments to the current law, WV SB-415. The amendments would include adding political election gambling and esports. Broadening the spectrum of current sports betting rules is also included within the new bill.

Not only would the new bill allow for more options to legally bet on multiple events in West Virginia, but it would also call for more penalties toward anyone engaging in unlawful betting.

For the safety of the residents of the Mountain State, WV SB-788 requests to create a safe gambling environment for bettors through regulation and penalties.

COLORADO (CO) | Esports Betting

Colorado (CO) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Colorado (CO) Esports Betting legal since: 2020
  • CO Online Esports Betting available: Yes

Colorado’s sports betting legislation is not 100% explicit about allowing esports betting, but it is heavily implied.

Firstly, the legislation defines a “sports event” as follows:

An individual or team sport or athletic event in which the outcome is not determined solely by chance, whether amateur or professional, including an Olympic or international sport or athletic event and any collegiate sports event.”

Furthermore, it states that “unauthorized sports betting” includes:

. . . a video game that is not sanctioned by a sports governing body or equivalent as an electronic competition . . .

While the implication here is that betting on competitive Esports events sanctioned by a sports governing body is legal, more clarification is needed from the state.

Despite the pandemic, Colorado still moved to launch online sports betting on May 1, 2020. There won’t be any baseball to wager on or basketball playoffs. Instead, Esports has caught the eyes of its politicians and sportsbooks as an alternative source of potential revenue for the state and bookmakers.

Colorado is one of the states that has worked towards legalizing Esports betting in 2020.

Esports is a new phenomenon that gained steam during the pandemic. Almost every sportsbook is starting to offer Esports lines. While some of them took longer to adopt Esports lines than others, esports came into its own in 2020. Sportsbooks don’t have partnerships with Esports leagues like they do with mainstream professional leagues. Many sportsbooks partnerships with Colorado casinos, but they likely won’t have Esports partnerships until it becomes more popular in Colorado.

TENNESSEE (TN) | Esports Betting

Tennessee (TN) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Tennessee (TN) Esports Betting legal since: 2019
  • TN Online Esports Betting available: Yes

Tennessee legalized esports betting in 2019. The law defines a sporting event as follows:

“Any professional sporting or athletic event, including motorsports and Esports, any collegiate sporting or athletic event, or any Olympic sporting or athletic event sanctioned by a national or international organization or association.”

According to the law in TN, Esports contests need to have a governing body to allow betting on them. Also, as long as the Esports betting market depends on the skill and not chance, sportsbooks are allowed to offer wagers for them. But not otherwise.

MICHIGAN (MI) | Esports Betting

Michigan (MI) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Michigan (MI) Esports Betting legal since:
  • MI Online Esports Betting available: Not clear

The state seems quite active in embracing sports betting. Michigan legalized sports betting earlier this year but hasn’t made its stance completely clear about Esports yet. As such, Esports betting would still be considered banned in Michigan.

Michigan law that allows online gambling, says wagering is allowed if it’s based on ‘athletic skill’. This phrasing is still quite vague. If the lawmakers determine that Esports classify under athletic skill, Esports could very well become legal.

INDIANA (IN) | Esports Betting

Indiana (IN) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Indiana (IN) Esports Betting legal since:
  • IN Online Esports Betting available: No

Indiana is so far the only US state to outright ban domestic Esports betting, presumably because of fears surrounding gambling addiction and the misguided idea that Esports gaming is marketed to children or minors. This ban only applies to Esports sportsbook sites that are US-based.

RHODE ISLAND (RI) | Esports Betting

Rhode Island (RI) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Rhode Island (RI) Esports Betting legal since:
  • RI Online Esports Betting available: Legislation in progress

Sports betting is legal in Rhodes Island, but Esports betting is not yet specified in law. Soon after PASPA was abolished, the state passed legislation to allow mobile betting. Esports hasn’t been specified in these legislations. The bills define “sporting events” which cannot be interpreted to confirm if it counts Esports as a sporting event.

NEW MEXICO (NM) | Esports Betting

New Mexico (NM) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • New Mexico (NM) Esports Betting legal since:
  • NM Online Esports Betting available: Not available yet

New Mexico is another state that has legalized sports betting but hasn’t clarified on allowing Esports betting yet. New Mexico never truly passed legislation for allowing sports betting.

However, the local tribes there found a loophole in the system wherein they can allow in-site sports betting. So far, Esports has not been considered for betting by them. But in the future , if they deem it fine, they could offer wagers for Esports.

MAINE (ME) | Esports Betting

Maine (ME) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Maine (ME) Esports Betting legal since:
  • ME Online Esports Betting available: Illegal

Maine was close to passing legislation early 2020, allowing sports and Esports betting, but the bill was vetoed dead by the governor. As is, betting is still illegal in Maine.

ARKANSAS (AR) | Esports Betting

Arkansas (AR) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Arkansas (AR) Esports Betting legal since:
  • AR Online Esports Betting available: Legislation upcoming

Arkansas has passed legislation for sports betting, but hasn’t specified rules for Esports betting or if it’s allowed or not. The decision to allow or disallow Esports betting seems to rest with the Racing Commision and their sports betting rules.

MONTANA (MT) | Esports Betting

Montana (MT) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Montana (MT) Esports Betting legal since:
  • MT Online Esports Betting available: Not Illegal to bet on offshore sportsbooks

The law that legalized sports betting in Montana includes a definition of sports wagering that could potentially be interpreted to include Esports. The MT Lottery has a monopoly over sports betting and also has the power to issue additional regulations as needed, which could also be used to legalize esports if desired.

OREGON (OR) | Esports Betting

Oregon (OR) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Oregon (OR) Esports Betting legal since:
  • OR Online Esports Betting available: Illegal

Oregon law doesn’t specify Esports betting legality yet, only traditional sports betting. But it is unclear on Esports betting being illegal either. Hence it being a grey area. Although without any proper legislation and licenses to offer to sportsbooks for Esports wagers, there aren’t any local Esports betting options yet. So we still consider it prohibited unless people bet an offshore sportsbook.

IOWA (IA) | Esports Betting

Iowa (IA) Casino Gambling Industry Overview:

  • Iowa (IA) Casino Gambling legal since:
  • IA Online Casino Gambling available: No legal framework introduced, yet not illegal

The Iowa Gaming Association(IGA) had proposed the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission  to finally allow Esports betting in Iowa. No vote was taken on the proposal during a meeting held in May 2020 at the Grand Falls Casino and Resort in Larchwood.

However, recently, another Esports-related matter did get the commission’s approval. This concerned DraftKings’ request for Iowans to be able to take part in daily fantasy esports contests through its website. The commission voted 5-0 in favor.

ALABAMA (AL) | Esports Betting

Alabama (AL) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Alabama (AL) Esports Betting legal since:
  • AL Online Esports Betting available: No formal legislation in place, yet not illegal

Online Gambling is still a grey area in Alabama. Online gambling is not exactly permitted by law however, but it is unregulated. It IS, however, verifiably illegal to operate as a bookmaker in Alabama. Most people would likely have to seek online gambling options outside the state.

Alabama does allow Race betting on horses and dogs but with restrictions and not online. While Alabama state outlaws casinos, poker, slot machines, and other casino games, the only exception is given to 3 casinos run by Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

ALASKA (AK) | Esports Betting

Alaska (AK) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Alaska (AK) Esports Betting legal since: Not available
  • AK Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

Gambling in Alaska is pretty much non-existent. The only Casinos present are permitted on Native American Reservations, but any kind of gambling machinery like slot machines is prohibited. With such a barren gambling scene overall, Esports betting definitely isn’t legal in the state.

ARIZONA (AZ) | Esports Betting

Arizona (AZ) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Arizona (AZ) Esports Betting legal since:
  • AZ Online Esports Betting available: No

Arizona does not allow online gambling like online casinos and online poker etc. This by default makes Esports betting illegal as well. On-site betting is allowed at casinos on tribal lands under reservations, and race tracks. There is no legislation for these casinos to allow Esports betting either.

CALIFORNIA (CA) | Esports Betting

California (CA) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • California (CA) Esports Betting legal since: –
  • CA Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

California currently does not have any legislation on online gambling like online poker, slot machines, and other casino games. Commercial gambling style casinos are prohibited in the state with the exception of tribal casinos. Horse track betting, state lotteries, and bingo are allowed, but no provisions for online gambling.

With this said, California is in a transition period after PASPA and eyeing November 2020 elections to go ahead with making sports betting legal soon. So we can hope online and Esports gambling follows soon. Currently, citizens can seek offshore sportsbooks to bet on Esports without breaking any laws.

CONNECTICUT (CT) | Esports Betting

Connecticut (CT) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Connecticut (CT) Esports Betting legal since:
  • CT Online Esports Betting available: No specific framework introduced, yet not illegal

Gambling in Connecticut is a grey area. There is no legislation to legalize online gambling, but there isn’t a law that deems it illegal either. Connecticut allows Horse and dog track betting as well as tribal casinos run by Indian tribes. While their stance on online gambling is still unclear, anyone over 21 can bet at casinos.

There is hope for sports and Esports betting in Hartford, Connecticut that certain tribes operating the casinos there would have the option to offer wagers on both. Most people can likely just seek offshore Esports betting websites without trouble with the law.

DELAWARE (DE) | Esports Betting

Delaware (DE) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Delaware (DE) Esports Betting legal since:
  • DE Online Esports Betting available: Yes, yet no formal legislation for Esports Betting

Delaware has been one of the early adopters of gambling in the US. Delaware allows on-site casino gambling in the state as well as legalized online casino games like roulette, poker, blackjack through online websites.

The state also allows betting on horse racing, the state lottery, and even sports betting at on-site casinos. Although Delaware hasn’t explicitly passed legislation for Esports betting, it is not illegal either, depending on the interpretation of the definition of gambling in Delaware law. Citizens can bet on Esports on offshore websites until the state offers more in-state options.

FLORIDA (FL) | Esports Betting

Florida (FL) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Florida (FL) Esports Betting legal since:
  • FL Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

Florida allows gambling at tribal casinos in the state. Slot machines are popular and legalized in the state. Online gambling in the state is not exactly legalised, but is not prohibited either. As such, there isn’t much to say about Esports or online casinos as they’re a grey area until there is legislation passed for including Esports betting. But citizens seek online offshore betting websites to bet on Esports.

GEORGIA (GA) | Esports Betting

Georgia (GA) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Georgia (GA) Esp0rts Betting legal since:
  • GA Online Esp0rts Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

Georgia has no land-based gambling industry to speak of. However, the state does allow fantasy-based betting and other online gambling methods outside the state. As of June 2020, Georgia lawmakers are attempting to bring sports betting to the state but nothing has been said about Esports betting so far.

HAWAII (HI) | Esports Betting

Hawaii (HI) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Hawaii (HI) Esports Betting legal since:
  • HI Online Casino Gambling available: Illegal

No kind of gambling is allowed in the state of Hawaii except social poker games etc. Casinos, online gambling, sports, and horse race betting are all prohibited. So Esports betting is also a no-no.

IDAHO (ID) | Esports Betting

Idaho (ID) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Idaho (ID) Esports Betting legal since:
  • ID Online Esports Betting available: –

Idaho doesn’t allow almost any kind of betting in the state, including offline and online casinos and sports. Only certain licensed horse and greyhound races are allowed to bet on.

ILLINOIS (IL) | Esports Betting

Illinois (IL) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Illinois (IL) Esports Betting legal since: 2019
  • IL Online Esports Betting available: Unregulated, yet not illegal

Illinois is still grey on the matter of Esports betting. However, the state passed the Illinois Gambling Act in 2019 and allowed taking wagers on sports betting. So we can be hopeful Esports online betting has a future in the state. Several fantasy sports websites have also been allowed to operate in the state during 2020.

KANSAS (KS) | Esports Betting

Kansas (KS) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Kansas (KS) Esports Betting legal since:
  • KS Online Esports Betting available: No

Most forms of gambling are illegal in Kansas currently. The state only allows licensed and regulated bingo games, horse racing, dog racing, and certain tribal casinos to operate. No info on Esports betting is present and assumed to be illegal as of now.

KENTUCKY (KY) | Esports Betting

Kentucky (KY) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Kentucky (KY) Esports Betting legal since:
  • KY Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal to join offshore bookmakers

Kentucky has restrictive gambling laws in place. The state doesn’t allow any kind of gambling at traditional casinos or sports betting. Meaning, no poker, blackjack, or horse race betting in Kentucky is legal to bet on. However, it is not explicitly specified if online gambling on casinos and fantasy sites are illegal either. It is possible to register for an offshore betting site if you want to bet on Esports online.

LOUISIANA (LA) | Esports Betting

Louisiana (LA) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Louisiana (LA) Esports Betting legal since: 
  • LA Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal to bet offshore bookmakers

Online gambling is actually a crime in the state. However, the state allows wagering on every other kind of betting as long it’s in a live setting. Betting on horse races, poker, slot machines, bingo, and other games are all accepted. The state is also working towards making sports betting legal soon. As of now, Esports betting is still prohibited in the state.

MARYLAND (MD) | Esports Betting

Maryland (MD) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Maryland (MD) Esports Betting legal since: –
  • MD Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal to bet in offshore bookmakers

It is illegal to place bets and wagers on anything in Maryland currently. However, the lawmakers are trying to pass a bill to license and regulate sports betting in the state that will allow sportsbooks to offer wagers on sports.

However, nothing is to be said of Esports betting yet. It is not likely to be a part of the legislation.

MASSACHUSETTS (MA) | Esports Betting

Massachusetts (MA) Esports betting Gambling Industry Overview:

  • Massachusetts (MA) Esports Betting legal since: 
  • MA Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal to bet offshore bookmakers

Massachusetts is in the middle of modernizing it’s gambling laws as of 2020. Apart from setting up land-based casinos, the lawmakers have legalized fantasy sports and also expect to legalize online poker and sports betting in the coming years. Online casinos and Esports sportsbooks can be accessed through offshore websites that are unregulated.

MISSISSIPPI (MS) | Esports Betting

Mississippi (MS) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Mississippi (MS) Esports Betting legal since: 
  • MS Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal to bet offshore bookmakers

The state of Mississippi allows betting at traditional casinos. Fantasy betting and sports betting have also been legalized at licenses and regulated sources/sportsbooks.  Esports betting is on a more precarious position in Mississippi, we do however recommend looking offshore sportsbooks you can use.

MINNESOTA (MN) | Esports Betting

Minnesota (MN) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Minnesota (MN) Esports Betting legal since:
  • MN Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

Minnesota doesn’t allow most kinds of gambling in the state except tribal casinos and racetracks. Online gambling of any kind is prohibited in the state apart from fantasy sports betting. Esports betting is not available in the state.

MISSOURI (MO) | Esports Betting

Missouri (MO) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Missouri (MO) Esports Betting legal since:
  • MO Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

Missouri allows online casinos and gambling on websites. However, the lawmakers’ stance on Esports gambling is unclear as of now so it’d be considered prohibited for the time being. Riverboat gambling is legal in Missouri. Currently, the state has its sight on legalizing general sports betting.

NEBRASKA (NE) | Esports Betting

Nebraska (NE) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Nebraska (NE) Esports Betting legal since:
  • NE Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

Nebraska has highly prohibitive gambling laws. Offline casinos are rare aside from the tribal casinos and most forms of online gambling are prohibited. Daily fantasy sports and horse race betting is allowed, however. The state is looking into legalizing sports betting soon. Betting on Esports is not allowed.

NEW HAMPSHIRE (NH) | Esports Betting

New Hampshire (NH) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • New Hampshire (NH) Esports Betting legal since:
  • NH Online Esports Betting available: Unregulated – Legal to play

New Hampshire is one of the newest states to legalize sports betting in the state which is available at various sportsbooks. The state also legalized fantasy sports betting of the likes offered by DraftKings. The state laws are still unclear on Esports betting. But with the recent developments and progressive gambling laws introduced, Esports betting legislation could be on the horizon soon.

NEW YORK (NY) | Esports Betting

New York (NY) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • New York (NY) Esports Betting legal since:
  • NY Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

New York has no online casinos to speak of. While it does allow for daily fantasy sports, it’s not regulated. Sports betting and land-based casinos are legal. Esports betting is not offered by local sportsbooks so people will have to seek offshore options.

NORTH CAROLINA (NC) | Esports Betting

North Carolina (NC) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • North Carolina (NC) Esports Betting legal since:
  • NC Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

North Carolina has been fairly restrictive towards gambling in the state, however, they finally legalized betting on sports at specific state-licensed casinos. Other forms of online gambling are also limited. Fantasy sports betting is also legal in the state. Esports betting is not legal as of now.

NORTH DAKOTA (ND) | Esports Betting

North Dakota (ND) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • North Dakota (ND) Esports Betting legal since:
  • ND Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal to bet on offshore bookmakers

North Dakota gambling laws don’t really reference online gambling. Those who wish to bet can do so at offshore online casinos or other sportsbooks. Similarly, fantasy sports betting such as DraftKings operates within a grey area. While the state has been trying to legalize sports betting, for the meanwhile citizens can bet on offshore sportsbooks. Esports betting is currently prohibited aside from offshore options.

OHIO (OH) | Esports Betting

Ohio (OH) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Ohio (OH) Esports Betting legal since: mid-2020
  • OK Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal to bet on offshore sportsbooks

As of mid-2020, Ohio has passed a bill to legalize sports betting in the state. Esports and online betting is still technically illegal in Ohio, but with recent developments to the state’s betting laws, we are optimistic about it’s future. Till then, those willing to gamble online on Esports can seek offshore sportsbooks.

OKLAHOMA (OK) | Esports Betting

Oklahoma (OK) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Oklahoma (OK) Esports Betting legal since:
  • OK Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal

Oklahoma doesn’t have commercial casinos except for tribal-casinos. The state government has a  fairly anti-gambling stance and looks down upon most forms of gambling. Horse race betting and charitable betting were legalized but there isn’t any legislation for online gambling that requires a license to operate. Esports betting is not allowed in the state for these reasons.

SOUTH CAROLINA (SC) | Esports Betting

South Carolina (SC) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • South Carolina (SC) Esports Betting legal since: Not available
  • SC Online Esports Betting available: Unregulated, yet not Illegal to bet on offshore sportsbooks

South Carolina is currently one of the worst states for gambling. The state doesn’t allow any kind of online gambling except fantasy sports betting and doesn’t have any land-based casinos either. Citizens have the option to seek offshore sportsbooks, however. Esports betting is not legal here.

SOUTH DAKOTA (SD) | Esports Betting

South Dakota (SD) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • South Dakota (SD) Esports Betting legal since:
  • SD Online Esports Betting available: No framework introduced, yet not illegal to bet offshore sportsbooks

South Dakota does not allow online gambling. While horse racing and lottery events are legal, casino table games and slot machines are allowed only on tribal lands. The state has been trying to introduce and legalize sports betting in the state recently. There will be another attempt in November 2020.  As of now, Esports betting is prohibited and you can’t find local options to bet from. People can seek offshore sportsbook options, however.

TEXAS (TX) | Esports Betting

Texas (TX) Casino Gambling Industry Overview:

  • Texas (TX) Esports Betting legal since: Not available
  • TX Online Esports Betting available: Illegal

Texas gambling laws are some of the most restrictive gambling regulation laws in the US. Aside from exceptions on horse or greyhound race betting, participating in the state lottery, and few tribal-owned casinos, most other forms of gambling are prohibited. Hence online gambling is not an option. The same goes for Esports betting as there is no legislation for allowing it.

UTAH (UT) | Esports Betting

Utah (UT) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Utah (UT) Esports Betting legal since: Not available
  • UT Online Esports Betting available: No

Utah has one of the strictest gambling regulation laws among US states. The lawmakers even passed a bill recently to outlaw slot machines. So much so, it is one of the only 6 states to not have state lotteries either. As such, there is definitely no online gambling in online casinos, sports betting or Esports betting allowed in the state. Esports betting is not allowed in this state for the foreseeable future.

VERMONT (VT) | Esports Betting

Vermont (VT) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Vermont (VT) Esports Betting legal since: Not available
  • VT Online Esports Betting available: Illegal

Betting laws are quite primitive in Vermont. Land-based casinos do not exist and there is no legislation for allowing and regulating online casinos in the state. Daily fantasy betting is allowed in the state but Esports betting is currently illegal in Vermont.

VIRGINIA (VA) | Esports Betting

Virginia (VA) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Virginia (VA) Esports Betting legal since: 2020
  • VA Online Esports Betting available: Yes

Virginia lawmakers took giant strides in April 2020 for revolutionizing gambling regulations. Bypassing 2 separate bills, in one fell swoop, they legalized and permitted 5 casinos to operate and also legalized online sports betting.  Virginia also allows fantasy sports betting. Esports betting has been legalized in Virginia fairly recently so it will take some time to fully set up to its full potential. Many Esports sportsbook options are hoped to pop up in the state for people to enjoy.

WISCONSIN (WI) | Esports Betting

Wisconsin (WI) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Wisconsin (WI) Esports Betting legal since:
  • WI Online Esports Betting available: No in-state framework, still not illegal

Wisconsin state only has legislation for tribal-owned casinos, not commercial ones. The lawmakers have considered legalizing fantasy sports betting like DraftKings but haven’t yet acted on it. Any social casino games where the real money is not involved is allowed. Esports betting prohibited as of now.

WYOMING (WY) | Casino Gambling

Wyoming (WY) Esports Betting Industry Overview:

  • Wyoming (WY) Esports Betting legal since:
  • WY Online Esports Betting available:

Betting options in Wyoming aren’t very flexible. Online gambling is a popular option for the people of Wyoming. Although there are no legal online casinos allowed to operate in Wyoming so people would need to seek offshore options. Due to low population size, there isn’t a lot of traffic to be had in land-based casino gambling nor is it legal. However, daily fantasy sports betting, the state lottery, and racetrack betting are allowed to an extent. Esports betting is prohibited in the state.


Following the repeal of PASPA in May 2018, a handful of states have chosen to enact legal sports betting legislation. Most US states either allow Esports betting or aren’t clear about their stance on the matter which confuses a lot of people if it’s legal or not. This makes Esports betting options limited or unavailable domestically. As it is still a grey area and people wouldn’t want to take chances with the law.

To work around this, most sportsbook sites situate their business on offshore islands and other locations as the federal law doesn’t really prohibit betting on those. Most states that prohibit it might not even enforce the law and all sites accept players from anywhere. We nevertheless insist that you follow all local gambling laws or at least familiarize yourself with your local betting laws.

If you are not sure about the legality of esports betting in your state, you can always try offshore sportsbooks. There are dozens of licensed international betting operators that accept customers from the United States.

One of the most commonly asked questions with regards to Esports betting is whether it is safe to bet online in the US. The general answer is that yes, betting Esports online can be very safe, providing that you bet with a credible and trusted / legal online sportsbook. The simple fact of the matter is that sensitive information is transferred between the bettor and the online sportsbooks when an account is created and funded. This includes personal information as well as financial information, whether it be your contact information or credit card number.

At its core, betting on sports online is no different than any other online purchase that you make. However, once you start to research the extra precautions that online bookmakers take, you will find that online sports betting is even safer than a typical online transaction.

With any transfer of personal and financial information, the most important factor you want to make sure of is the safety of this information. With online sports betting in the USA, you want to also be assured that the sportsbook itself is safe and has a reputation for accepting and paying out betting lines.

To be on the safe side – check out the sportsbooks we partnered with. We have audited them thoroughly and we found that the reviewed sportsbooks are geared for you to bet with great support and peace of mind.

While US law does not make betting with offshore sportsbooks explicitly illegal, we do not recommend it. There are some big and trusted offshore sportsbooks that specialize in Esports. You can be sure that the ones we recommend are reputable and safe for you to bet on.

As the government has left gambling laws to individual states to decide for themselves, there is not a single age registration that will apply across the whole country. Each state decides the legal age limit for betting for itself. So it’d be advised to check if your age complies with the betting legal limit of your state. With this in mind, the minimum age will vary between 18-21 years.

Dota 2, CSGO, League of Legends, and Fortnite are some of the largest Esports in the world right now.

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