Starcraft 2 is a science fiction real-time strategy(RTS) video game developed and published by Blizzard games in 2010. It is a sequel to their 1998 RTS game Starcraft. The original Starcraft game from 1998 was widely known as the king of the RTS genre. A sequel was naturally widely anticipated all around the world. Starcraft 2 has an especially cult following in South Korea.

South Korea was where Starcraft gained viability as an Esport. In fact, Starcraft was pivotal in the birth of Esports in South Korea and the world. Starcraft was one of the first Esports to be ever officially televised in South Korea. Millions of people tuned in online to watch these tournaments. It gave legitimacy to the idea of Esports.

The game’s popularity has sowed the seed for multiple betting markets to grow rapidly. In this guide, you will find a deep source of information on how to bet on Starcraft 2 matches and tournaments online.


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Starcraft 2 – Gameplay and Mechanics

If you are new to the game of Starcraft 2, here’s a quick breakdown of all the points that build up the game’s mechanics:

  • In Starcraft 2, a player has three races to choose from Protoss, Zerg, and Terran.
  • A Starcraft 2 match’s ultimate objective is to destroy the opponent’s structures and units using your army.
  • At the start of each match, you’ll manage several worker units to gather several mineral resources for you to use later on the match. When combined, these resources make up the underlying elements to build more powerful structures and produce better units.
  • A supply cap on units forces you to build more supply structures to house and deploy more units.
  • As the match progresses, you also gain the ability to research new technologies. Depending on which race you select, technological advances unlock new advanced builds, more units, and better army dynamics. Each of the three races has a separate tech tree, and different choices bring different in-game progressions.
  • The game demands players to micromanage a bunch of different types of units to work in tandem. Units’ abilities can complement each other to create powerful combos, which can be a key to victory.

Starcraft 2 Betting Types

If you ask most gamers, they would tell you the RTS genre is kinda dead at this point. However, due to its cult popularity among a niche group of Starcraft players, it is still kept alive. It has an almost thriving Esports community, owed mostly to the South Korean scene. StarCraft 2 Esports betting sites lack the wide array of special bets we are used to seeing in other Esports Betting markets.

Starcraft 2 betting options:

Here we have a list of the betting options offered by various sportsbooks for Starcraft 2.


You’re betting on the player you think will win a particular match. The sportsbooks will provide calculated odds for both players or teams deciding the favorites and underdogs.

An example of match-winner odds are as follows:

Odds for Team SK Telecom T1: 1.50
Odds for Team Liquid: 3.20

By these odds, we can see that SK Telecom are the favorites to win and Team Liquid are the underdogs. If you place a bet on Liquid and they win, your bet will be multiplied by 3.2x times the bet amount. Whereas, if you bet on SK Telecom and they win, you get a return of only 1.5x times your bet.


When there is a favorite and underdog, most people will naturally lean towards betting on the favorite. To balance the bet and provide fair odds to both teams, some points are taken away from the favorite and given to the underdog. These points are usually map-based advantages. For e.g.

In a best-of-3 series between a strong team like SK Telecom T1 and a weaker team like Splyce, Splyce is given a +1.5 map advantage, and SK Telecom will be given a -1.5 map disadvantage. Meaning, SK Telecom must win the series by two or more maps to win the bet. Whereas, Splyce must not lose by more than one map or win just the one map against SK Telecom.


If you’re trying to place bets on StarCraft 2 for the long-term, SC 2 features everything you’d come to expect. The region of the winner is kind of obsolete, seeing as how South Korea dominates the pro scene. Still, outright winner and final winners are available, which is just enough considering they’re the most popular long-term bets anyway.


StarCraft 2, just like other Esports, has numerous totals. Typically, we’re talking about resource totals and rounds totals, with the latter being available only on Bo3, Bo5, and Bo7 scenarios.


Last but not least, here’s an SC-specific special based around in-game resources, minerals, and vespene gas. The esports betting sites set the time (usually 10 minutes in), and you’re supposed to guess which player will have more of the specified resource.

How do Starcraft 2 Odds work

The “Odds” refers to the likelihood or chance of a specific event occurring, e.g. Team X winning over Team B.  Bets placed on the basis of these odds offered by bookmakers. The odds are calculated by different sportsbooks differently. So make sure to pick a decent and reputable sportsbook with fair odds.

Odds are of various distinct types: Decimal, Fractional, American, or Implied Probability. You’ll most often come across Decimal Odds, however.


Decimal odds give you the easiest conversion from stake to return.

The Bets

Starcraft 2 Player X (3.44)

The Outcome

Bet $10 with odds at 3.44
RESULT: $10 x 3.44 = $34.4 (Your $10 stake included)

The Bets

Starcraft 2 Player X (3.6) vs Starcraft 2 Player Y (1.2)

The Outcome

From these odds, we can tell that the sentiment is that Player Y is expected to win(favorites) over Player X(underdogs).
If Player Y wins, the return on your investment will be 1.2x times the amount invested.
Whereas, if Player X pulls an upset and wins, the reward payout will be 3.6x times the invested amount.


These odds are represented by numbers with a prefix (+) and minus(-) sign. The positive(+) sign is assigned to underdogs’ odds and indicates the amount won for every $100 staked on the bet. Whereas, the negative(-) odds indicate the amount you need to stake to win $100 from the bet.

The Bets

Starcraft 2 Player X (-155)

The Outcome

For example, Team X having -140 favorite odds would mean you need to bet at least $155 on them to win $100.
If you win, you get $100 and keep the invested $155.


These odds are marked with a fractional number, with the top number dictating how much when you invest the bottom fractional number.

Favorable odds: Odds of 5/1 – Every $1 you bet will give you a payout of $5. 

Unfavorable odds: Similarly, Odds of 1/7 – For every $7 you bet, you will receive a payout of $1. 


This is a more readable way to denote odds, however, this can be highly inaccurate and is mostly just used as a reference to calculate risk.

The Bets

Starcraft 2 Player X (40%)

The Outcome

It works as follows:

Decimal odds = 100 / Probability odds
For example, 100/40 = 2.5
RESULT: A $10 stake would return $25 ($15 profit)

Tips on How to Start Betting on Starcraft 2

For the beginners looking to start betting, to the seasoned betting players that want to brush up on their strategy, the KBG team recommends following these betting tips when wagering Starcraft 2 matches and tournaments online.


Tip#1: Set a budget and bet accordingly  Firstly check your finances and bet what you can realistically afford to risk. Note that betting online on Starcraft 2 is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so bet accordingly. If you are just starting out, review all the tips below, and build a strong betting strategy before you start.


Tip#2: Check all the odds: As you start identifying Starcraft 2 matches you want to wager, do some research, and check the different odds the bookmakers offer. Look specifically for the odds that present the best profitability margin for you. If you can develop this edge in your betting, you would be able to maintain a positive return on your betting portfolio.


Tip#3: Learn the game: Start off by getting familiar with the game mechanics and rules at a deeper level. Garner an in-depth knowledge of the game and its mechanics before you start betting. It helps you in the analysis of the gameplay and picking up hints. Playing the game yourself is a good way to understand the game and its mechanics.

In order to gain an advantage in Starcraft 2 online betting, make sure you take note of the elements below prior buying you betting slip:

  • Get to know the players. It is a good idea to research pro players’ background, past performances of teams, predictions, and previous tournament results.
  • Watch Starcraft streams on Twitch or other streaming sites. Especially pros. They can help you gauge their form and also understand the game at a deeper level.
  • Compare your analysis with what the oddsmakers think. Sportsbook websites have their odds displayed on the site for a given wager. It gives a general idea of what others are predicting.


Tip#4: Specialise in the bet types you are great at: The last tip to implement deeply into your strategy is to start indentify which betting types you can form expertise in. Find the betting types you are most comfortable with and here’s how to find them:

  • Specialize whenever possible – with so many Starcraft 2 players competing in tournaments across the globe, focusing on a particular vertical will allow you to research deeper make better and smarter betting decisions.
  • Bet selectively and objectively– do not bet in panic and refrain from betting on all matches unless you’ve done the research and analysis needed.
  • Don’t believe any information blindly: Make sure you critically analyze every info you receive. Start by seeing how the gathered information fits in with your current Starcraft 2 betting strategy and see if you can improve incrementally, not outright replace the entire system. 

Payment Methods Used in Starcraft 2 Betting

KBG recommended online Sportsbooks are geared to accept a wide array of payment methods. Deposit methods options you can make use of include credit cards, direct bank transfers, and PayPal. Other novel methods of payments can include eWallets and Cryptocurrencies, available at selective Esports Bookies.

Here are more details on the payments you can expect when betting on Starcraft 2:

  • Credit and Debit cards: remain the most popularly accepted means of payment across bookmaker websites. MasterCard and VISA being the most common.
  • Web Wallets: These are e-Wallets that allow you to transfer funds to a virtual wallet for placing bets instead of linking your credit or debit card directly. This helps you avoid giving any sensitive financial information to the bookmaker. Skrill and Neteller are some of the most widely used e-Wallets.
  • PayPal: PayPal remains one of the world’s most reliable online payment services. It helps you avoid giving your personal financial information to the bookmaker and provides an extra layer of security in transactions.
  • CryptoCurrency: Cryptocurrencies can also be used to bet on bookmaker websites. These are usually not available globally due to country-specific crypto laws but are usually used to cater to smaller regions and markets. For example, AstroPay caters to Brazil and the USA. GiroPay caters to Germany and Austria etc. 
  • Direct Bank Transfers: Sportsbooks also allow you to directly transfer the amount from your bank account to theirs. The betting site will provide you with its bank details.

Player Support when Betting on Starcraft 2

If you need some assistance at any point while betting on Starcraft 2 the bookmakers we partnered with have you covered.


Given that most online Esport bookmakers are available around the clock, open every day, there is always some form of customer service options available via email, toll-free telephone number, or an instant chat function.

The customer service teams can assist you with anything from deposit or withdrawal issues to questions about specific Starcraft 2 related bets you have placed.


The World Championship Series(WCS) was an annual Starcraft 2 professional Esports tournament organized by Blizzard entertainment. It was the highest tier of professional Starcraft 2. WCS is supposed to be replaced by the ESL Pro Tour Starcraft 2(EPT) in 2020.

There are plenty of smaller tournament series organized by ESL. Like the Intel Extreme Masters series.

Starcraft 2 pro tournament prize pools go as high as six figures.


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IEM Katowice, SC2 World Championship Series(WCS), Global Starcraft 2 League, AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament, Dreamhack series.

Map winner, Match winner, handicap, and total maps are some of the more popular betting options people prefer.

Yes, you can make money on Starcraft 2 by betting for real money. Although an old game and Esport, it has a cult following worldwide, especially in Korea and other Asian regions. You can find several sportsbooks offering wagers for it.

But first, you need to pick a sportsbook website that is legal in your country/state or seek an offshore one. You need to provide your identification and proof of income to register on most reputed sportsbooks websites to register an account.

The legal age for gambling can vary depending on the laws of where you live. Pretty much every sportsbook website will have a minimum age limit requirement of 18 years, if not 21.

Starcraft 2 is one of the most popular Esports in the world, but as an RTS, it only garners attention from a niche subset of gamers. Unlike more mainstream genre games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2 is not in the limelight as much as it is in South Korea.

You can find some sportsbooks to bet on Starcraft 2, but most sportsbooks will only offer a few betting options for this game.