The thrill of a casino winning streak paired with the exceptional ease to learn a new game makes playing at a casino, a rather sought out source of entertainment. Most casino games take only a couple of minutes to learn, and yet, some games hold depths that feel like it takes a lifetime to master.

For any beginner to the game, it would feel like you’re jumping in the deep end and losses might feel heavy on your spirit and wallet, especially if you solely rely on luck and don’t have an idea of what you are doing. Thus it would be essential to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the games and read through some betting strategies that have been devised by the greatest high rollers and math-headed geniuses with years of experience for you to mediate your risk on from your first hand or spin.


In order to embark on your next winning streak, or if you are simply browsing through the casino games available, the KGB team has published game guides for you to follow in order to hit the ground running and help you overcome the overwhelming feeling. These gaming guides contain information on the principles of the games to tips and strategies that have been widely used by experts in the casino space. We’ve incorporated a few hints for playing on the web, as well, and even prescribed the most appropriate casinos for specific games.

Pick your game, learn the game principles and take a look at the strategies developed over the years. Can you find that elusive hot streak? There’s only one way to find out. Always remember, Bet Responsibly, Bet Greatly:

Casino Table Games:

Table game is the term used to categorize casino games which rely on chance and are played against the house and conducted by at least one live dealer. Some games such as Blackjack, 3 Card Poker and Baccarat involve distributing cards to the players and dealers other games such as Roulette and Craps are played on a table using dice or a spinning wheel to determine the outcome of the game. Select your game of choice below:

Electronic Casino Games:

Just as the name implies, Electronic Casino Games are electronic versions of the traditional casino games, translated in a comprehensive and easy to play interface that will have you hooked for hours. With the birth of online casinos, this play style has been popularised and heavily catered for on everyday devices. Read through the guides below and learn how traditional casino principles are serviced digitally:

Video Poker Game Guide

Competitive Table Games:

Looking for a party game where you go head to head against friends, or want to test your skill in a tournament setting? These games are usually played against fellow players, sitting at the same table facilitated by a dealer. Check out the guides and sharpen the edge over your challengers:

Texas Holdem Poker Game Guide

5 Card Poker Game Guide

Speciality Betting Games:

Games categorized as Speciality betting games are congregated as so as they do not fit perfectly in another category above. Games like these can vary on accessibility and ease of play, however if you are looking for casual gaming to more skill oriented games, we encourage you to look through our guides below:

Bingo Game Guide

Lottery Game Guide

Pachinko Game Guide

Casino Table Games:

blankBlackjack Game Guide

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in casinos online and lobbies around the globe. The Blackjack game is world-renowned for the payouts generated by skilled players, as they go head to head against the house and seal sizable profits over a game of Twenty-One.

Blackjack has had multiple variations across the years, however, the essence of the game still remains the same. Each player is dealt with two cards, and subsequently, they are required to in-turn make decisions on whether or not to request more cards from the dealer servicing the table. The players’ objective is to get as close to a total hand value of 21 or have a higher value hand than the dealer.

The game of Blackjack is iconic and has been a centre point in multiple Hollywood blockbusters. Even legends have been circulated over some of the sure-fire strategies that were developed including the Basic Strategy and Card Counting. In our guide, you can find a detailed breakdown of how to play the game and some strategies that could help you create the edge you need to face the house.

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blankRoulette Game Guide

One of the most iconic casino games, alongside Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat, is Roulette. The silver ball sliding across the large spinning wheel with numbered pockets sitting next to corresponding boxes spread on a green woollen table is a classic Casino fixture. The main feature that sets Roulette apart from the rest is how easy it is to understand and is a favourite with players in their beginning stage of starting their Casino journey.

There are 3 Roulette versions you need to be aware of before you jump into the game. The KBG team has provided you with an in-depth guide on the French, European and American Roulette versions. In the official Roulette guides, we also give you a breakdown of the top 5 strategies used by successful Roulette players.

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