The Street Fighter franchise is one of the oldest fighting video game franchises globally, with dozens of iterations and one of the oldest Esports games. Street Fighter I was published back in 1987. It is Capcom Entertainment’s flagship video game and one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time.

Street Fighter is one of the most iconic and oldest fighting game mainstays in the Esports scene. With such a strong following, multiple betting markets had solid grounds to sustain and grow. On this page, you can find in-depth guidelines and tips on how to bet on Street Fighter matches and tournaments.


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Street Fighter – Gameplay and Mechanics

The central premise of the gameplay is relatively simple. Two players pick a fighter to face off against each other in a 2D arena. A match consists of consecutive rounds of one-vs-one or a co-op fight. The winner of the round is the first player who depletes the other player’s life bar. The player who wins the most rounds wins the match

The game features a wide cast of iconic characters to choose from, each with a distinct move-set and abilities.

Connecting and landing attacks will fill up the EX Gauge. This is a meter that fills up as you fight and can be used as a resource to pull more unique moves and special attacks.

To not make it so overwhelming that only the attacker keeps getting advantages, Capcom also implemented a V-Gauge that builds up when you receive damage. It can help players to mount a comeback.

Receiving a large no. of consecutive hits on the enemy can stun the enemy character, making him unable to move or defend/parry. This gives the player an incredible advantage by creating an opening and allowing you to get potentially several free hits for a short period.

Street Fighter Betting 101

Although Street Fighter and fighting games generally have a loyal, dedicated audience and fanbase, it is still not the most mainstream Esport out there. Making bookmaker websites usually overlook them for other Esports like Dota 2, CS:GO and League of Legends. And even if they do, most sportsbooks will likely only offer tournament and match-winner wagers.

How is Street Fighter betting different from other Esports betting:

Street Fighter is an arcade 1v1 fighting game. Therefore, it is one of the only few games of its kind in this genre compared to the vast majority of shooter-style Esports popular for betting. The gameplay is fundamentally different. Even among its genre, it differs quite a bit from its main competitor Tekken. 

Street Fighter has since forever had it’s gauge mechanics that Tekken lacked.

Another significant difference between the two fighter games was that Street Fighter was on a 2D plane for movement while Tekken incorporated a 3D movement style in later games.

These are critical mechanical differences to keep in mind while analyzing and betting on both games.

Street Fighter Betting Types:

Sportsbooks can offer different types of betting types of a wager to bet on Street Fighter matches. Some of the common ones are:

  • Match Winner: Bet on the winner of a 1v1 match.
  • Round Winner: Bet on who wins a given round or duel.
  • Longest Combo: Bet on the player who will manage to achieve the highest combo in the match.
  • First Combo: Bet on which player will initiate the first combo of any kind on the opponent.
  • Tournament Winner: As evident, this is where you bet on the winner of the whole tournament.


Street Fighter – Betting Types

Sportsbooks can offer different types of betting types of the wager to bet on Street Fighter matches. Some of the common ones are:

Bet on the winner of a 1v1 match. This is the most common kind of betting option. 

Choose the player you think will win. If he/she wins the matchup, your wager wins.

This is a straightforward bet. Each player is assigned odds by the sportsbook. Higher odds will mean the player is the underdog. While lower odds imply that the player is an underdog.

The odds for a match between 2 players will look like this: 

JWong (1.8) vs Marn (2.35)
Here we can see that JWong is the favorite to win.
The bookmakers will calculate the payout based on the odds at the end of the match. 

In total bets, you place a wager on whether you think the result points or any integer in the match will be above or under a given number. The sportsbook will provide an average total point number. These total numbers can relate to any specific mechanics of the game. For example,

Max Combos of a player: You can bet on how many combos both players will execute in a given match(Not Combo count). You can bet on max combo executions from both players rather than picking just one. It would look something like this: 

Over/Under set at 5.5 combos.
Player 1 Max Combo: Over (1.6) , Under(3.50)
Player 2 Max Combo: Over(3.06) , Under (1.36)

Bet on who wins a given round or duel. Street Fighter usually has a best-of-3 or best-of-5 format. You can bet on each round individually. 

These bets involve betting on the possibility of certain events occurring in the match. Some of the special bets you can wager on are: 

  1. First Attack: Wager on which player will land the first attack on the opponent. It can also end in a draw. 
  2. Perfect: Wager on the player that will get a perfect win in the round, i.e. finish his opponent without getting touched even once.
  3. Time Remaining(Over/Under bet): Wager on time remaining at the end of the match. For example, the average time set at 63.5 seconds. You can bet if the round will end under or over that number. 

This is where you bet on the winner of the whole tournament. Many pro players in Street Fighter have a reputation for being dominant and almost enjoy a celebrity status if you follow the pro scene. These pros make the best choices for predicting the tournament winners, although upsets are common.

How do Street Fighter Odds Work

The “Odds” refers to the likelihood or chance of a specific event occurring, e.g. Team X winning over Team B.  Bets placed on the basis of these odds offered by bookmakers. The odds are calculated by different sportsbooks differently. So make sure to pick a decent and reputable sportsbook with fair odds.

Odds are of various distinct types: Decimal, Fractional, American, or Implied Probability. You’ll most often come across Decimal Odds, however.


Decimal odds give you the easiest conversion from stake to return.

The Bet

Street Fighter Player X (3.44)

The Outcome

Bet $10 with odds at 3.44
RESULT: $10 x 3.44 = $34.4 (Your $10 stake included)

The Bet

Street Fighter Player X (3.2) vs Street Fighter Player Y (1.5)

The Outcome

From these odds, we can tell that the sentiment is that Team Y is expected to win(favorites) over Team X(underdogs).
If Team Y wins, the return on your investment will be 1.5x times the amount invested.
Whereas, if Team X pulls an upset and wins, the reward payout will be 3.2x times the invested amount.


These odds are represented by numbers with a prefix (+) and minus(-) sign. The positive(+) sign is assigned to underdogs’ odds and indicates the amount won for every $100 staked on the bet.

Whereas, the negative(-) odds indicate the amount you need to stake to win $100 from the bet.

The Bet

Street Fighter Player X (-140)

The Outcome

For example, Team X having -140 favorite odds would mean you need to bet at least $140 on them to win $100.
If you win, you get $100 and keep the invested $140.


These odds are marked with a fractional number, with the top number dictating how much when you invest the bottom fractional number.
Favorable odds: Odds of 3/1 – Every $1 you bet will give you a payout of $3.
Unfavorable odds: Similarly, Odds of 1/4 – For every $4 you bet, you will receive a payout of $1. 


This is a more readable way to denote odds, however, this can be highly inaccurate and is mostly just used as a reference to calculate risk.

The Bet

Street Fighter Player X (40%)

The Outcome

It works as follows:

Decimal odds = 100 / Probability odds
For Example: 100/40 = 2.5
RESULT: A $10 stake would return $25 ($15 profit)

Tips on How to Start Betting on Street Fighter

For the beginners looking to jump into the world of betting, or the seasoned players looking to tighten up on their strategy, the KBG team recommends these tips when you bet on Street Fighter matches and tournaments online.


Tip#1: Set a budget and bet accordingly  Draw up a budget based on your finances and bet what you can realistically afford to risk. Note that betting online on Street Fighter is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so pace your wagers and don’t overstretch your limits. If you are just starting out, continue reading all the tips below, and formulate a strong betting strategy before you start.


Tip#2: Check all the odds: As you find Street Fighter matches you want to wager on, check the different odds the bookmakers offer. Look specifically for the odds that might not match your read on the game, and, if successful, can be profitable for you. If you can develop this edge in your betting, you would be able to maintain a positive return on your betting portfolio.


Tip#3: Learn the game: Get familiar with the game mechanics and rules at a deeper level. In order to gain an advantage in identifying game dynamics that you can exploit while betting, make sure you take note of the elements below prior buying you betting slip:

  • Know and familiarize yourself with each and every fighter in the game’s roster. It’s vital to have a deep understanding of each characters’ playstyle. Audit deeply the strengths and weaknesses of characters to know what matchups are good and bad.
  • Esports professionals usually master a handful of characters as their “core” picks, and the strength of their favored fighter can help you make decisions on how a faceoff can go.
  • Stay in tune with the fighting game personalities and pros on Twitch or Youtube. Pros regularly broadcast their matches online and can help you understand new strategies and player form. It can give you insight into making more informed decisions.
  • Follow the pro scene extensively. The fighting game Esports scene is very competitive and active. You can follow the ins and outs and keep up with the tournaments, top pros, and match histories on .
  • Fighting games are famous for their rivalries. The top pros continuously face off against each in almost every tournament. It is essential to analyze how an absolute pro performed against the others and what advantages and skills they had over others. Or any flaws in their game.
  • Liquipedia has a whole record of new and old tournaments and matches. It is an excellent tool for analysis to know which pros are at the top currently.


Tip#4: Specialise in the bet types you are great at: The last tip to implement within your overarching strategy is to identify which betting types you are can form expertise in. Here are some tips to guide you on this topic:

  • Specialize, specialize, specialize – with such a long roster of Street Fighter players competing in tournaments across the globe, focusing on a region, or game vertical will give your research much depth. This will allow you to own a higher ground on the bookmakers.
  • Bet selectively, bet objectively– never bet mindlessly and keep away from betting on matches, you haven’t done the necessary due diligence from your end.
  • Don’t believe any information blindly: Make sure you critically evaluate every info you receive. Start by seeing how the gathered information fits in with your current Street Fighter betting strategy. Aim to improve your strategy incrementally, not outright replace the entire system on a whim. 

Payment Methods Used in Street Fighter Betting

Online Sportsbooks, recommended by the KBG team, accept a wide array of payment methods. Deposit methods options you can expect include credit cards, direct bank transfers, and PayPal. Other payment methods may include eWallets and Cryptocurrencies, available at selective Esports Bookmakers.

Here are more details on the payments you can expect when betting on Street Fighter:


Credit and Debit cards: remain the most popularly accepted means of payment across bookmaker websites. MasterCard and VISA being the most common.

Web Wallets: These are basically e-Wallets that allow you to transfer funds to a virtual wallet for placing bets instead of linking your credit or debit card directly. This helps you avoid giving any sensitive financial information to the bookmaker. If you are opting for this option, Skrill and Neteller are the most popular e-Wallets out there.

PayPal: PayPal remains one of the world’s most reliable online payment services. It helps you avoid giving your personal financial information to the bookmaker and provides an extra layer of security in transactions.

CryptoCurrency: Cryptocurrencies can also be used to bet on bookmaker websites. These are usually not available globally due to country-specific crypto laws but are usually used to cater to smaller regions and markets. For example, AstroPay caters to Brazil and the USA. GiroPay caters to Germany and Austria etc. 

Direct Bank Transfers: Bookmaking websites commonly allow you to directly transfer your bank account amount to theirs. The betting site will provide you with its bank details.

Player Support when Betting on Street Fighter

If you need some assistance at any point while betting on Street Fighter the bookmakers we partnered with have you covered.


Given that most online Esport bookmakers are available around the clock, open every day, there is always some form of customer service options available via email, toll-free telephone number, or an instant chat function.

The customer service teams can assist you with anything from deposit or withdrawal issues to questions about specific Street Fighter related bets you have placed.


 The biggest Street Fighter V tournament is the Evolution Championship Series (also known as EVO). The first three EVO tournaments were held under the name Battle by the Bay. 

The Evolution Championship Series is an eSports event that is held every year and focuses only on fighting video games. Since 2005, the EVO event has been held at different locations and arenas across the USA and Japan.

The Capcom Pro Tour is a series of fighting game tournaments, held internationally and sponsored by video game developer Capcom. The Pro Tour hosts match on the latest flagship fighting titles across various regions. The finals are held at a single-day tournament held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Prize Pool: $500,000 spread out over all the events.

Top Street Fighter V players:

Daigo Umehara

Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi

Lee “Infiltration” Seon-woo

Yusuke Momochi

Keita “Fuudo” Ai


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Firstly, you need to find a sportsbook that offers wagers on Street Fighter 5 matches. After you’ve found one, just register on their website and provide your ID proof and source of income to be eligible to bet. You will be required to add funds to your account to start betting.

Make sure the sportsbook you chose is trusted and safe as you’ll be handling a lot of money payments and withdrawals.

Street Fighter bettors can bet on some major tournaments like the Capcom Pro Tour and EVO Championship series, which see some of the biggest names and Legends in the fighting game community go head to head against each other.

Apart from these major tournaments, bettors can also check out regional finals and online events.

Street Fighter betting works quite similar to normal betting that you see outside Esports betting. Most sportsbooks will mostly offer wagers using American odds (Please refer to the section about different types of odds).

Each player or outcome is assigned odds by the bookmakers based on the probability of an action occurring in the game. If your bet wins, the odds are multiplied to your bet to give potential profits.

Yes, it is possible to make money on Street Fighter 5 betting. Many sportsbooks offer wagers on live Street Fighter 5 matches with different betting options to choose from.

But first, you need to pick a sportsbook website that is legal in your country/state or seek an offshore one. You need to provide your identification and proof of income to register on most reputed sportsbooks websites to register an account.

The legal age for gambling can vary depending on the laws of where you live. Pretty much every sportsbook website will have a minimum age limit requirement of 18 years, if not 21.

Street Fighter itself is not an Esport with a lot of money behind it. It is more of a close-knit community of fans that make it one of the most exciting and popular Esports.

Betting on Street Fighter 5 can be incredibly fun due to the community, easiness of understanding the game and fast paced matches. As small as it is, there is no shortage of wagers available for the game. Making SF5 your choice of game for betting shouldn’t be a problem.