Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. Call of Duty, like Overwatch, is slightly different from a traditional FPS title like CSGO. It has various map layouts and objectives, along with class-based systems where every player has a different arsenal and weapons based on what role he picks.

Call of Duty competitive gameplay is primarily most popular in North American and European regions. In this guide, we will give you a deep insight into the game and walk you through the ins and outs of betting on Call of Duty online. 


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Call of Duty games have been part of regular Esports since as far back as 2006. CoD tournaments are divided into ladders and tournaments. The ladders are further divided into sub ladders such as the singles ladder, doubles ladder, or team ladder (3v3, 6v6).

The game modes in Call of Duty vary from game to game. Although certain modes are chosen quite often for tournament play.  The Call of Duty competitive gameplay revolves almost exclusively around the deathmatch game mode.

Call of Duty Game Modes

Search and Destroy:

In this mode, one team plays offense while the other team plays defense and protects 2 bomb sites from the attackers. If all members of one team die or the bomb is triggered, the round ends. This mode is typically a best-of-7, meaning the first team that gets 4 round wins first, wins the match.


In Hardpoint, all teams have “hardpoints” or spots/locations that they need to secure. The teams need to fight the other teams to secure this point and hold it for as long as they can. The longer a team manages to hold and defend a hardpoint, the more score or points they gain per second. The team with the higher no. of points at the end wins.

Capture the Flag:

This is the standard capture the flag mode as in other games. A team needs to capture the enemy team’s flag and bring it back to their base to score points. Points are only awarded when your own team flag is safe.

Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty doesn’t have a cosmetics based betting option like CSGO. Real money betting and fantasy betting are the options available for people.

Real Money Betting:

You can bet for real money on Call of Duty tournaments at various online sportsbooks. These sites will let you wager on the outcomes of games. Call of Duty has a very active Esports scene so you will always find games to bet on. If you want to start your betting journey be sure to read through the tips in this guide and check out the offers from our reviewed sportsbook partners.

Fantasy Betting:

Draftkings has a Call of Duty section that allows fantasy betting on Call of Duty matches. It is legal almost everywhere and is a safe alternative to real money betting.

Betting Types in Call of Duty

Although Call of Duty has a large dedicated fan base of its own, it can’t compete with the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO in terms of popularity and betting traffic. This is why you will see limited betting options at bookmaking sites for CoD.

It is important to have a decent knowledge of the game. Game elements such as Roles, weapons, classes, perks, will help you determine which player has the better and more effective pick, which team is more well-rounded and better equipped to win the match.

Watch past gameplay and follow current pros to determine if they’re in form for competitive gameplay. In competitive Esports, player rosters change all the time so no team will always play the same. That is true even if there are no roster changes.

There are various types of bets available for CoD. Some of them are:

Money-line bets are placed on individual matches. The bets are placed on 2 teams, wagering on who would win. The sportsbooks calculate and offer odds on both teams that reflect their strength. For e.g.

Odds for Team Atlanta Faze vs Florida Mutineers:

Atlanta Faze: 1.30
Florida Mutineers: 2.50

As we can see here, Atlanta Faze are the favorites to win so their odds are adjusted to give the other team a fair chance. If you bet on Atlanta Faze to win and they win, then the amount you bet will be multiplied by 1.3x times as a return. If you bet on the underdogs i.e Florida Mutineers and they win, your payout will be the amount you bet into 2.5x times.

In this kind of bet, rather than betting on a single match individually, a person bets on the overall winner of the whole tournament. These bets need to be made before the tournament has started. This bet is very risky because there are too many variables to consider even after thorough analysis.

These are more exotic kinds of bets where the wagers are relevant to certain smaller aspects of the gameplay than the match or tournament winner. For example:

  • Total kills: You can bet on the total no.of kills that both teams will get by the end of the match. You can bet over or under a given no. of kills to make your bet. For example:

In a match between Atlanta Faze and Dallas Empire, the average odds decided can say 75.5. If you think the number of total kills will be 75 or higher, choose the Over option. Whereas, if you think the total kills will be lower than 75, choose the Under option.

  • Correct Score: In this type of special bet you can predict the exact score of both teams at the end of the match.
  • Map winner: Unlike the match/series winner, you can specifically bet on the winner of a single map played between two teams.

How do Call of Duty Odds Work

The “Odds” refers to the likelihood or chance of a specific event occurring, e.g. Team X winning over Team B.  Bets placed on the basis of these odds offered by bookmakers. The odds are calculated by different sportsbooks differently. So make sure to pick reputable Esports bookmakers with fair odds.

Odds are of several distinct types: Decimal, Fractional, American, or Implied Probability. You’ll most often come across Decimal Odds, however.

American Odds

These odds are represented by numbers with a prefix (+) and minus(-) sign. The positive(+) sign is assigned to underdogs’ odds and indicates the amount won for every $100 staked on the bet. Whereas, the negative(-) odds indicate the amount you need to stake to win $100 from the bet.

The Bet

Call of Duty Team X (-140)

The Outcome

For example, Team X having -140 favorite odds would mean you need to bet at least $140 on them to win $100.
If you win, you get $100 and keep the invested $140.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds give you the easiest conversion from stake to return.

The Bet

Call of Duty Team X (3.44)

The Outcome

Bet $10 with odds at 3.44
RESULT: $10 x 3.44 = $34.4 (Your $10 stake included)

The Bet

CoD Team X (3.2) vs CoD Team Y (1.5)

The Outcome

From these odds, we can tell that the sentiment is that Team Y is expected to win(favorites) over Team X(underdogs).
If Team Y wins, the return on your investment will be 1.5x times the amount invested.
Whereas, if Team X pulls an upset and wins, the reward payout will be 3.2x times the invested amount.

Fractional Odds

These odds are marked with a fractional number, with the top number dictating how much when you invest the bottom fractional number.
Favorable odds: Odds of 7/1 – Every $1 you bet will give you a payout of $7.
Unfavorable odds: Similarly, Odds of 1/5 – For every $5 you bet, you will receive a payout of $1. 

Implied Probability

This is a more readable way to denote odds, however, this can be highly inaccurate and is mostly just used as a reference to calculate risk.

The Bet

Call of Duty Team X (40%)

The Outcome

It works as follows:

Decimal odds = 100 / Probability odds
Example: 100/40 = 2.5
RESULT: A $10 stake would return $25 ($15 profit)

Tips on How to Start Betting on Call of Duty

Although Call of Duty has a large dedicated fan base of its own, it is still playing catch-up with the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO in terms of popularity and betting traffic. This is why you will see limited betting options at bookmaking sites for CoD.

With that said – here’s a set of tips you want to look into before you start betting:


Tip#1: Stick to a budget – One of the cornerstones in any Esports betting strategy is to set a budget on how much money you will be wagering. Set a predetermined limit on how much you are willing to invest in this hobby in any given week or month and stick to it. Following this, you will be able to maintain your bankroll and enjoy your betting journey. Remember, always bet responsibly with money you can afford to lose.

If you are a beginner, making use of systems like proportional betting will allow you to manage your bankroll better. Try to avoid higher payouts on low odds such as parlay bets. Keep in mind that, Greed is the enemy of an Esports bettor. Try to stick to single-game bets and while using proportional betting, wager a percentage of your bankroll you are able to risk.


Tip#2: Learn the odds system: Given the fluctuations in the posted odds, sometimes the offered odds do not match what your read is on the game. If you can develop these edges in your own system then you will be able to identify profitable puts when betting on Call of Duty. Remember that the posted odds are managed by bookmakers to initiate betting action on both sides of the match and do not necessarily indicate how good each team is compared to each other.


Tip#3: Educate yourself on the game: It is important to have a decent knowledge of the game. Roles, weapons, classes, and perks used all will help you determine:

  • Which player has the better and more effective pick?
  • Which team is more well rounded?
  • Which team/player is building and maintaining the edge?

Watch past gameplay and follow current pros to determine if they’re in form for competitive gameplay. In competitive Esports, player rosters change all the time so no team will always play the same. That is true even if there are no roster changes.


Tip#4: Find the bet types you are good at: When starting your betting journey, aim to build confidence and expertise in a betting vertical. As you progress, observe closely which types of bets you succeed at more often. This could be a good indicator of which facets of the game you have a better understanding of.


Payment Methods Used in Call of Duty

Most reputable online Esports bookmakers will accept most of the usual forms of digital payment gates that we are so used to see and use. Traditionally seen online payment methods such as credit cards, direct bank transfers, and PayPal are usually available. There are other newer options that have been gaining popularity such as eWallets and Cryptocurrencies.

Most Esports betting sites we partnered with offering various payment options to cash out. these would include:

  • Credit and Debit cards: remain the most popularly accepted means of payment across bookmaker websites. MasterCard and VISA being the most common.
  • Web Wallets: These are basically e-Wallets that allow you to transfer funds to a virtual wallet for placing bets instead of linking your credit or debit card directly. This helps you avoid giving any sensitive financial information to the bookmaker. Skrill and Neteller are some of the most widely used e-Wallets
  • PayPal: PayPal remains one of the world’s most reliable online payment services. It helps you avoid giving your personal financial information to the bookmaker and provides an extra layer of security in transactions.
  • CryptoCurrency: Cryptocurrencies can also be used to bet on bookmaker websites. These are usually not available globally due to country-specific crypto laws but are usually used to cater to smaller regions and markets. For example, AstroPay caters to Brazil and the USA. GiroPay caters to Germany and Austria etc.
  • Direct Bank Transfers: Bookmaking websites commonly allow you to directly transfer the amount from your bank account to theirs. The betting site will provide you with its bank details.

Player Support when Betting on Call of Duty

If you, at any point, need some assistance or might have any questions or concerns, the partnered sportsbooks have you covered!


The online sportsbook we recommend provides you with 24-hour around the clock customer service. Because online sportsbooks and online casinos are around the clock, open every day, there is always some form of customer service options available via email, toll-free telephone number, or an instant chat function.

These customer service representatives can assist you with anything from deposit or withdrawal issues to questions about specific Call of Duty related bets you have placed.


There are various types of betting markets available for CoD albeit limited compared to bigger Esports. Some of them are:

Winner’s Market: This is to bet on the match-winner. This is the most common kind of bet. For example: If the odds of the underdog team winning called X is 1.40, and the odds of the favored team called Y is 2.70, that means that betting on the underdog team X would yield almost twice as much compared to betting on Y. That is If X wins. But if X loses, you’d lose twice as less money compared to if you’d bet on Y to win. If you bet on the team with higher odds, you’d have had twice as less chance of losing your deposit.

Outright Winners market: In this kind of bet, rather than betting on a single match individually, a person bets on the overall winner of the whole tournament. These bets need to be made before the tournament has started. This bet is very risky because there are too many variables to consider even after thorough analysis. Any team could end up winning and upsets are quite common.

Special Markets: These are more exotic kinds of bets where a deeper understanding of the game and mechanics can aid you in making bets. For example: Predicting the final score, total no. of kills, total no. of maps that will be played, and many more.

Call of Duty Tournaments

Call of Duty League:

The Call of Duty League is a Professional Esports league built around the video game franchise Call of Duty, published by Activision. The Call of Duty League follows a similar structure model as that of the Overwatch League. It uses a set of permanent, city-based teams backed by private ownership groups.

The league is played in a tournament point system and playoffs format. The events are hosted by the teams in their home cities.

Call of Duty Significant Teams

As the Call of Duty League follows the model of Overwatch League, the teams are city-based with 12 teams in total representing 11 cities. Nine teams are based in the United States, while the other 3 are based in Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

League Teams:


1) Atlanta FaZe

2) Chicago Huntsmen

3) Dallas Empire

4) Florida Mutineers

5) London Royal Ravens

6) Los Angeles Guerillas

7) OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

8) Minnesota ROKKR

9) New York Subliners

10) Paris Legion

11) Seattle Surge

12) Toronto Ultra


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To bet on Call of Duty, you first need to pick a sportsbook that offers wagers on Call of Duty tournaments. Not all sportsbooks might offer odds for every game you want to bet on.

After finding a suitable sportsbook you’ll need to register an account with them by providing your Identification and personal details, along with proof of income.

Call of Duty has a city-based league structure called the Call of Duty League where teams face off each other in a tournament point system to vie for the playoffs. There are 12 teams in the Call of Duty League.

Yes, it is possible to make money betting on Call of Duty. Firstly, you need to pick a sportsbook website that is legal in your country/state or seek an offshore one. You might need to provide your identification and proof of income to register on most reputed sportsbooks websites to register an account. The legal age for gambling can vary depending on the laws of where you live. Pretty much every sportsbook website will have a minimum age limit requirement of 18 years, if not 21.

While not as big of a giant as some other Esports, Call of Duty has a very active and passionate fanbase that makes Call of Duty one of the biggest Esports franchises. There are plenty of sportsbooks to be found that provide wagers for Call of Duty tournaments.

Call of Duty is an iconic franchise that isn’t likely to die out with the constant new iterations it receives. This helps the game stay relevant and in turn, ensure that the betting scene stays relevant in turn. This ensures that skills are well worth building around this title.

However, as mentioned above, Call of Duty is not exactly on the same level of betting or Esports relevance as League of Legends, Dota 2 or CSGO. You wouldn’t find a diverse variety of betting options offered for them as compared to the other mentioned Esport games. Most wagers are pretty simplistic/basic.