You can’t deny the fact that the New Jersey online sports world has become a topmost robust markets in the country. You can find the legal sportsbook online on mobile applications as well as casinos and racetracks.

Whether you’re looking to bet a couple of dollars with your friends before the start of a game – or you’re finding a valuable return through an online sportsbook, sports betting is an excellent way for you to add much-needed adventure to your sports journey.


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Since June 2018, online sports betting has been made completely legal in New Jersey. Despite being around for such a short time, it has proven to be a game-changer for many.

The sites are legal and secure – what else could one ask for! But, how do you actually become a part of online sportsbook in New Jersey?

  • How do you start your journey of online sports betting?
  • Where you can bet on sports in New Jersey, both on the internet and in-person
  • All the amazing options to find the best NJ online sportsbook for you and
  • Each and every step that you need to sign up and start winning

These are the questions that are going to be answered in this guide for you. It will walk you through all the basics and steps that you need to know on how to start betting online in New Jersey and start finding value on the money line.

A point to admit – Sports betting is on the verge to become a pinnacle of online sports in New Jersey, United States. It doesn’t matter if you are merely a sports fan or if you are just a curious wanderer in the world of online betting or even if you seasonally gamble looking for some quick cash – you will find tons of useful information that will help you in this sports betting beginner guide.

Quick Tips for the Beginner Sports Betting Player in New Jersey

Before diving into the details of the online sports world, let’s get our hands on some of the useful tips that you could use as a beginner;

NJ Sports betting is not that big of a deal. It just requires a sense of focus and you’re good to start this endeavour.

Let’s make best online US sports betting for you easier;

Stage 1

Analyze the risk against the time and see the amount of budget that you are willing to invest for betting. This will help you see things more clearly and the on-going situation can help you make better decisions.

Stage 2

If you follow a sports team – then that’s great. But, if you don’t follow a sports team and have no idea which sports to follow, it will be better for you to start digging and researching. Once you know which sports and team you want to bet on, it will make things clear for you. Do not bet without knowing a little about the sport as well as the team. Both aspects are important to you.

Stage 3

Knowing and picking your bookmaker, bookie or turf accountant should be your next step.

Stage 4

View the odds, analyze them. See which way the wind is turning and make your move according to it. It might sound easier than done but nothing is hard if you keep on involving yourself in these situations. Eventually, you will train your mind according to the circumstances.

Stage 5

The next step should be placing US wagering and learning tricks to build wagers. You don’t need to make a mistake of rushing to place your wager instead of a better option would to be selective and understand the concept of value.

Learn to Bet Guides

Pick the Sport you want to bet on, learn the dynamics of the games, and tap into the best betting strategies developed over the years. Can you build that elusive hot streak? There’s only one way to find out. Always remember, Bet Responsibly, Bet Greatly:

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New Jersey Sports Betting Payment Options

You don’t need to worry about making the payments because you will have plenty of options in NJ sports betting.

  • Instant eCheck (ACH)
  • PayPal
  • Cashier’s Cage at the Casino
  • Online Banking Transfer
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Wyrz
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Skrill
  • PayNearMe/7-Eleven
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Paper Checks

Mentioned payment methods are some of the most common ways of making the payment for resort sports betting but you cannot make the payment for all of the sportsbooks through these. So, make sure that you check which payment method is preferred by the sportsbook that you choose.

Player Support: New Jersey Sports Betting Beginner Support

We walk with you every mile of the way, which is how we make sure that you are never left alone in your online sports betting journey. We offer customer support options to our users who have no idea which sports to bet on.

Future of Sports Betting in New Jersey

New Jersey might have just started promoting online sports betting but there’s no doubt that it will soon be a top of the line betting place.


Gambling industry in New Jersey is rapidly growing and newer more convenient options for users are being offered. For instance, kiosks are being installed on-site where the users can simply insert cash and bet on screen.

Otherwise, sports betting in person can be done by simply paying a teller in cash and receiving a paper betting slip. They also let you in on the odds and questions you may have, similar to gambling.

If you want to see how your betting unfolds, there are big-screen televisions for you to watch.

Horse Racing Market

One of the flourishing markets in sports betting in NJ is the horse racing market. It is available to the residents of the state – allows them bet one races of over 150 tracks across the globe.

Not only is gambling online legal in NJ but it is also available in 32 states. Thus, you can say American betting is rising.

Other than that, you can also get involved in betting for sports like NFL that includes super bowl, college football, NHA, Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, March Madness, Haskell invitation and Master’s tournaments.

Sports betting Mobile Apps in New Jersey

They offer best welcome offers in US sports betting;

  1. Caesars NJ

Caesars NJ offers $10 free bet along with $300 welcome bonus to its customers. There are many varieties of bets and perks with Caesars Rewards. It’s not a bad option if you are just starting your online sports betting journey.

  1. SugarHouse NJ

Starting with SugarHouse NJ, you will be getting $250 Deposit bonus and it is one of the fastest payout platform with many withdrawal options. It also has a live right now feature that you can enjoy with this online sportsbook.

  1. DraftKings Sportsbook

A $100,000 sign-up bonus awaits you if you go with the DraftKings Sportsbook. It offers great banking options for you as well as access to fantasy sports for you. It is a good kick-starter for you if you are just starting sports betting online in New Jersey.

  1. Bet365 NJ

You’ve got yourself massive bonuses with impressive ranges with Bet365 NJ. It has the best betting markets among the many online sportsbooks. For this fact, it is known as the top #1 sportsbook in the world.

  1. Unibet NJ

Starting your journey with Unibet NJ will get you $20 in free bets along with $250 risk-free bets. There are lots and lots of betting options for you in this sportsbook. Besides, getting your risk-free bets, it also offers odds boost on daily basis.

  1. 888Sport NJ

There are many options for beginners in the online sports betting world but it doesn’t get better than 888Sport NJ. It offers you $500 Risk-free bet along with $10 free on the first bet that you make live. You have fantastic odds in your favor. A very beginner friendly online sportsbook in fair means.

  1. BetMGM

BetMGM offers you $500 Risk-free bet along with parlays with enhanced odds and impressive range of bets. Every week you get to make $10 free bet through this online sportsbook.

There are many other places that offer online betting such as Hard Rock sports betting online, MGM sports betting, Delaware sports betting, Borgata sports betting and Empire sports betting.


The legal age to play sports betting in New Jersey is 21 years old.

New Jersey has become a hub for sports betting and it is needless to say that it is completely safe for you to bet real money in NJ.

Yes, it is completely legal to play sports betting in New Jersey. In fact, it was made legal in June 2018 in which the age of the betting person should be 21 at least.