Every poker player is interested in an online casino. Especially now, when it is so important to stay at home. If COVID-19 is keeping you home, or you just want to test the online casino experience, you are at the right place.

Today, I will help you choose the best online casino.

There are many benefits of playing online. First, it is super convenient. Then, it saves time. Most importantly, online casinos offer all kinds of table games, slots, and blackjacks… you name it, they have it. But don’t just pick and choose the first online casino that pops up in your search results.

Here are some factors to consider before opting for an online casino.

  1. License—All reliable and reputable casinos will have a license. Make sure that the license is from a named organization like Malta Gambling AuthorityUK Gambling Commission, or Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. When real money is involved, reliability is very important. The organizations we mentioned are some of the most prestigious ones with very strict regulations.
  2. Player’s Review—There are some reliable review websites where players leave feedback. Learn about their experience. However, it is common for people to leave a negative comment more often than sharing positive remarks. But focus on big issues like confiscated money, problems with cashouts, etc. At the same time, ignore minor problems.
  3. Loyalty Programs—From fun elements to cash returns, online casinos have tons of offers for players. These offers and rewards add more excitement to the games. Races and leaderboards provide additional chances to win rewards and more value to your games. So, look for an online casino that offers fun, games, and rewards. Period.
  4. FREE Cash & Bonuses—Some online casinos offer free cash or free deposit bonuses to join and try games. Free cash is offered to encourage people to try new games. There are some restrictions, of course. Free deposit is a bonus for those are depositing their money for the first time. The casino can offer them to double or triple their deposit. The purpose of the offers and bonuses is to earn your loyalty. Therefore, when choosing an online casino, it is important to see which casino offers more value for your money. So, before you join, check out the welcome offers/packages for new players.
  5. Restrictions and Requirements—Casinos deal with money… so they are smarter than you. With each bonus, with each reward, there is a catch! Of course, they want you to become a loyal and regular player. But as a precautionary measure, check the regulations. For instance, you will hear about ‘wagering requirements’ for bonuses. This means that you have to achieve a certain goal before you can access the bonus/reward/cash. Therefore, be sure to check out the rules restrictions and requirements before taking the plunge.

Staying informed and researching the rules, regulations, and restrictions make you a smart player. When playing at an online casino, whether you are playing blackjacks or slots, there is one rule you MUST NEVER break…And, that is to have fun.

Which online casino checks everything on your list… Share it with me. I will love to hear your answers.