As one of the most popular single-person sports in the world, tennis evokes all of the things that we love about sport. Competition, skill, technique, personality, and determination. The amount of times that a game of tennis can seem done, only to pivot entirely on a single swing of a racquet, makes it easily one of the most exciting sports in the world to watch.

However, for many people, watching tennis is something they find quite tough to do when it comes to betting. If you’ve had a flutter on a game of tennis, then it’s only natural that you are going to feel a little hesitant with every shot that you watch. Have you made the right call? Let’s take a look.

With this simple tennis betting guide, you should have a much clearer idea about what tennis betting actually involves. Before long, you should find it a wee bit easier to understand how to go about placing a bet on tennis, and how tennis itself can be quite a confusing practice to bet on.

With this guide, though, you should have a better idea than you had previously.

Tennis history

Tennis has a rich and endearing history and is one of those truly classic English sports that has grown worldwide. Tennis itself originated from the ‘Second City’ of Birmingham, and quickly grew into a hugely popular sport. Unlike many other activities at the time, tennis gained a lot of love for the fact it was purely one-on-one; no need for teams or large spaces of ground to play on.

Tennis was made with very simple rules – have a ball and hit the ball over the net and by the opponent. It was a simple premise that has retained simplicity over the years. While some fans can find the scoring system of tennis a bit confusing, as well as various debates about what is and is not a foul, but it’s a very simple game to get to grips with. And it has been that simple since it first became a thing.

One major difference between old and modern tennis, though, is where it is played. Once a game played only on grass, today most major events take place on clay and other surfaces – even asphalt. Tennis is managed by two major bodies; the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Between them, both bodies work around the clock to organise events, put in place ranking systems for players, and give players the opportunity to play in ranked events across the world.

However, the most prestigious events in all of tennis history are known as the Grand Slam events. These are held in France, England, Australia, and the United States of America. All four are seen as the major events that a player can win and have long since been the major flagship tournaments. Anyone who wins these are likely to be seen as players of repute for decades to come.

Tennis betting history

Betting and tennis has long shared a history together, with tennis offering the ideal game to bet on for many players. While tennis has a long and rich history that goes back centuries, it’s history with betting is a little bit different. While we’ve had major events like the Grand Slams held since the 1877 sporting season, when Wimbledon was first held, tennis betting is a much more modern part of the whole experience.

It was only really when tennis began to move into the fully professional era that tennis betting began to really take off. Since the creation of online betting, though, tennis has become one of the most commonly bet on sports in the world. Go into a bookies 20-30 years ago, and you would find it hard to find a spot for a tennis bet in amongst the various races, boxing matches, and football matches taking place. However, tennis began to become a major part pf the sporting world and as we moved into the 21st Century and online betting became prevalent, tennis joined the ranks of the most commonly and most regularly bet upon games in the world.

Online betting allowed a whole new kind of tennis betting, allowing players to bet on far more than the outright winner. This allowed players to start really making more use of tennis bets, as it offered a whole new range of opportunities that simply were not made available to most players in the past. While tennis betting offline in the past was a common occurrence, it was by far and away most common if you were to go and bet on tennis online.

With so many events to bet on and bet types to place, tennis betting soon became a common part of the sport.

Opportunities for tennis bettors

Like most sports today, tennis betting is mostly handled online. The sheer number of options that one can get online can make it much easier in general for you to place a bet on the tennis. However, one thing that you might not be sure about is where to begin with. You could just back an outright winner, but what if you want to get a wee bit more ambitious?

What should you keep an eye out for if you are on the lookout for opportunities in the tennis betting world?

What should you be trying to bet on?

Match Betting

Probably the most common kind of betting when it comes to tennis betting is known as match betting. This is the simplest and often most effective way for you to make a bet on a game of tennis. Basically, you choose Player A or Player B to win the match. Seen as one cannot draw a game of tennis, there has to be an outright winner for an event.

So, betting on a match with the simple idea of who you think is going to win does make obvious sense. A match bet is pretty simple – you just look to who you think is going to win that particular match. For most people, it’s the easiest bet to look at. You simply look at the form, the odds, and the head to head performance of each player and make your call. It’s an excellent place to start!

Outright Betting

Another common choice would be to look at outright betting. In tennis, an outright bet isn’t just on someone to match; it’s for someone to go and win a whole tournament. So, a match bet on Novak Djokovic would be you betting that the Serb would go on and win the match. An outright bet on him, though, would be to go and win the full tournament.

Whether that’s Roland Garros, a small exhibition event, or anything else, it does not matter. An outright bet is one that aims to see the person that you have backed go all the way. They don’t end to offer massive payouts, but you will have the chance to place a lot of outright bets as so many events will come up on the tennis calendar as time goes on. definitely one of the best forms of to go and play on a tennis game.

Handicap Betting

Next up for most tennis players would be a handicap betting session. Handicap betting is a very popular choice, and is all about giving you a chance to even the odds a touch. So, if a legend of the game was playing someone with little reputation you would likely get a good handicap in favour of the underdog.

With these bets, you are often looking to get either a full game or a set. You could bet on a player with a handicap to score less than 2.5 games than the other player, for example, or bet on them to win 2.5 games more. They are quite similar to the below betting type, but offer a good chance for you to place some very interesting bets. It’s a good way to try and even the odds when a player is the outright favourite.

Over/Under Betting

The last kind of common tennis bet you will be placing is an over/under bet. These are quite similar to the above, but it’s a bit different as you bet on the number of sets/games played in a match. So for example, if the game was to be best of three sets you could say that the match will be won by either less than 2.5 sets, or more than 2.5 sets. Basically, you are placing a bet on how quick/long a player can last.

These are good bets to place on when you are watching a player who either tends to grind out matches or a player who tends to go for the jugular and end the match ASAP. It’s a good choice for you to make sure that you have a chance to go ahead and win a decent amount back by simply backing the length of a match – so focus on the longevity of each player when placing these bets!

Keep the above tips in mind, and the often complex world of tennis betting can soon become so much easier to handle.