As one of the most prestigious sporting leagues in the world, the English Premier League is one of the most viewed football tournaments around. With fans tuning in from all across the world, the EPL manages to pack in atmosphere, entertainment, and skill onto most of its games. With the money sloshing around, too, even the smallest clubs can have players onboard who would get a game with elite sides around the world.

It’s for this reason that we highly recommend anyone looking to enjoy Premier League football does so with a bit of a financial incentive. With so much money moving around, why not try and make a few pennies of your own back on the best league in the world?

Premier League betting can be a hard thing to get right, but our simple Premier League football betting guide should give you all the help that you need to start making wiser moves. Before long, you should have all the help that you need to truly enjoy a sporting feast of football – all with some extra winnings added in for your pleasure!

Premier League football history

The top flight of English football has been running since the last 1800s, but the current iteration of its top flight, the Premier League, was first formed in February 1992. This new league was formed with the intention of making the top flight even better, and moving on from the post-Thatcher era that had belittled football as an event for hooligans and troglodytes.

Football soon changed, with the new foundation of the Premier League arriving on the 20th February 1992. It meant that the league would break away from the Football League, which was founded in 1888, and take on a new lucrative TV rights deal with companies like Sky. This seen the league rocket to become worth billions of pounds, with the Premier League securing a £1bn-a-year partnership with Sky and BT Group in 2013. Since then, the money involved and the figures have only continued to grow and expand.

The result is that the Premier League has become a true sporting giant. It’s worth some of the largest figures of any sporting event in the world, with payments worth billions provided to the 20 clubs involved on an annual basis.

In the Premier League era, the dominant team has been Manchester United. Though Arsenal provided stern opposition in the mid-90s and early 2000s, it was the financial takeovers at Chelsea and Manchester City that has helped to push the Red Devils off the top of the pack. The retirement of legendary manager Alex Ferguson also opened up a power vacuum at the top; a vacuum that looks to have been closed by the likes of Josep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

Today, the Premier League is a football feast that shows some of the best talent on the pitch and on the benches competing week-in, week-out.

Premier League football betting history

Football betting has been a close friend of the sport for the longest time. Indeed, gambling was first legalised in full in the UK as of around the 1960s, and with that came a stupendous surge in betting opportunities for the beautiful game. Alongside the once-thriving football pools program, too, there was a chance for football fans to use their knowledge and passion of the game to turn their knowledge into money.

Indeed, the first major football came from any kind of football betting event came in 1961. Viv Nicholson was the lucky winner of a quite ludicrous sum of £5m. However, it wasn’t just football fans who loved a flutter. Famous stars of all eras have had fun with betting – the former England player, Rodney Marsh, used to famously have a flutter at half-time!

Football and betting, then, never had the strained and challenged relationship that other sports did. It’s only in recent years that this has changed somewhat, as players and those involved in the game are often banned from placing any kind of bet. Anyone found breaking those rules tend to be punished pretty significantly.

Football betting, though, has only grown and grown for fans. Today, football clubs are regularly sponsored by sports betting and casino firms, and the prevalence of online and mobile betting, as well as in-play live betting, means players have more opportunity to see big figures get placed on their games all too often.

Today, football betting is as healthy as it has ever been. Various companies are now actively involved in the game, and the industry and football have realised that they are broadly very good for one another. It’s this combination and this partnership, then, that promises so much for the future of the sport and its unique history with gambling.

Opportunities for Premier League football bettors

Like betting on any other football event, Premier League betting is all about understanding the options open to you. In a bid to help you place the right kind of bet, here are some of the opportunities for Premier League football bettors who are looking to make a decision today.

It’s a hard thing to get right, but here are some of the most effective opportunities that you can have as a player if you choose to go gambling today.


The most common kind of bet is a win/draw/win bet. This means that you basically choose either the home team to win, the away team to win, or a draw. This is a very common form of bet in the football, and it shows you everything that you need to make intelligent calls with regards to betting on a team.

It’s the simplest form of football betting, and easily the most effective to work with and to put on.

Correct Score

This is a good choice of bet if you feel like you can really make a big move and choose the correct score. This is all about making sure that you choose the correct final score. So, if your bet was 4-2 it has to finish 4-2. It cannot have been 4-2 and then finish 5-2/4-3. It must be the score that you have suggested and it must come to pass without any issue or score change.

Both Teams to Score

A very common bet, too, is both teams to score betting. This is basically as the name implies – you put a bet on that regardless of the score, both teams will score. This is a good one to add to an accumulator if you think it looks like a competitive weekend of football in the Premier League.

Useful for trying to pair together multiple teams to see how well they handle the scoring aspect moving forward.

BTTS + Win

Following on from above, you can place a more advanced version: a BTTS + Win bet. You do the same as the above in that you back both teams to score; you then need to choose a winner out of both teams. It’s a great choice and one that we recommend looking at if you are a fan of using in-play live betting. A fine choice, and one that offers a very interesting way to place a bet.


The most common form of ‘big’ bet in football is an accumulator bet. You can place these and basically you take numerous bets – either numerous correct scores and/or numerous win/draw/win bets – and place them into one big bet. Now, they are all tied to one another. If you have 5 times on your ‘acca’ and only 4 win, you get nothing.

If all 5 win, though, you could win a life-changing sum of money. Accumulators are great extra bets with high upsides.

Player markets

A common place to look for more unique bets, though, is the player betting markets. This can cover all manner of things, such as first goalscorer or anytime goalscorer bets. It can even cover things like man of the match awards, red cards, yellow cards, and even crazy things like the first player to score and the final result (known as a Scorecast).

Team markets

Outside of the above, you can bet on all manner of weird things on the team betting markets. This can be things like possession, passes completed, corners, free kicks, fouls and cards, or even odder things like number of substitutions. Basically, just about any bookmaker will take on a wild football bet and be happy for you to place it. The more ambitious it is, the happier they are to take it on!

With all of the above in mind, you should have a clearer idea about what Premier League football betting is all about. It’s a deeply complicated and competitive league, so making sure you understand what and who you are betting on is very important. Use the simple guide above, though, and you should have no problems at all in picking out the perfect kind of betting system for yourself. You just need to know who you want to bet on first, and why!