Gambling is exciting and fun, but the truth is… most gamblers lose! In a Casino, the odds are rarely in your favor. But another truth is… there are many people who win all the time. And, if they are really lucky, they win big time.

Today, I will share some incredible stories that blew my mind away. And, I am sure they will amaze you too.


When a Lucky Grandma had a 154-Roll without Sevens

Patricia Demauro—a grandmother from New Jersey set an astonishing record. At Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City, Patricia made a big win on a craps table. She played for almost 4.5 hours and rolled the dice 154 times without…. (wait for it) throwing a seven. Needless to say, she broke the world records of the longest crap rolls.

Although the smart grandma refused to share the figures she won, but anyone familiar with the game can guess that she must have won millions. While throwing the dice without a seven is pure luck, betting money smartly is the art! And, we are sure Patricia Demauro did a great job.


And, then there are wins that change lives…like

When a Gamble Saved FedEx

Believe it or not, the globally famous FedEx was once drowning. The founder bet his last $5000 to try his luck. And, as you can guess… he won!

Frederick W. Smith—the man behind FedEx and its current CEO—started FedEx in 1971. The idea was to make a company that could deliver packages overnight… across the world.  For this, Smith used his own money and raised $90 million.

The company started as a big idea. But, fast forward three years, the hike in fuel costs, started the company’s decline. So much so that FedEx was on the verge of bankruptcy. They were not getting any investors or loans to help them through. Moreover, they were losing a million dollars every month.

And, there came a day when FedEx had nothing but $5000. There wasn’t enough amount to fly their planes the next morning. And, this is when Smith flew to Los Vegas. He played Black Jacks with his only asset, the $5000 in the company’s account.

After the weekend, the company had $32000. It may not sound huge, but it was enough for FedEx to keep operating for a few more days. And, who knew… these few days were all that FedEx needed! Smith raised more money and the company was back on its feet. As of 2019, the company’s yearly revenue is $69.7 billion. Smith himself has a worth of $2 billion.

So, $5000  $32000  a lifetime of success… I call it incredible!


Online gambling, online slots and playing blackjack is new territory for many. But this breakthrough in the world of gambling has made it easier for people to enjoy the casino experience anywhere.

More and more people are joining now. And, there are people who have rocked and ruled the world of online casinos. They have marked their names with unbelievable success.


Now, I will share with you, success stories of people playing in online casinos.

So, let us start…


When an 8-years old Boy Won $50,000 (Allegedly)

Aashish Nanak from Chandigarh, India made a huge win when playing online. In 2010, the eight-year-old boy won $50,000 in an Online Poker Tournament. In Indian currency, the $50,000 dollars translates to 3769710 Indian Rupees.

Aashish is a computer genius who was developing websites when he was only four. And, at the age of six, he was already into Poker. The boy was using a relative’s account to play.

However, his genius aside, the boy was underaged of course. And, that is why Poker Room refused to pay. The family of Aashish claimed that the Poker Room already knew about his age. And, they had paid him winning amounts for his smaller conquests. They even called him ‘litllepokerwizard.’ This time, however, they refused to pay considering the boy was not legally allowed to play.


When an Anonymous Player Became a Millionaire— Åland, Finland (2013)


Paf (Åland Penningautomatförening) is one of the most popular online casinos. It is a charitable public company that operates in Åland, Finland. Since it is a charitable company, the profits are used for public welfare and charity. However, their dedication to donating doesn’t mean there are no winners at Paf.

Most winners bag substantial amounts as their winnings. The online casino made news in January 2013. It was then that an anonymous player hit the jackpot. The winner won an unbelievably large amount of €17,861,813. That makes almost 21 million dollars.

The player, a Helsinki man, was playing Mega Fortune– a progressive jackpot slot machine. Playing while sitting in his home, he became a millionaire. The awarded amount made a Guinness World record by topping the previous record of €11.7 million.


When a Beginner Really Got Lucky—John Heywood (2015)

Next on the list is the exciting and emotional story of an Afghan veteran. We have all heard about beginner’s luck. Well, that is what happened to Jon Heywood.

In 2015, John was worried about his father’s illness. He needed a heart and lung transplant. One lucky day, he saw an ad on the TV. It was Betway, the popular gambling operator in England. The ad made sense to John, and in hopes of winning, he registered an account.

After making his deposit, John decided to try Microgaming’s “Mega Moolah“- a progressive slot machine. After a few spins, he hit the jackpot. John ended up winning £13,212,882 (€17,879,645.12. at that time).

Millionaire in a few spins, John Heywood spent the bulk of his winnings on his father’s transplant. The winnings were later confirmed by the Guinness World Records as one of the biggest wins in the history of online casinos.


Wrapping up…

Online casinos have made the game more accessible. They bring the slots to your home. I know… there are more stories of people losing. And, I agree… not everyone can get lucky. But both these stories of real people like you and me… just staying at home and trying our hands on the slots and blackjacks.

Till next time… Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor.